What Are EMFs And How To Measure Them With An EMF Meter

The science majors who have taken classes in physics at a beginner or advanced level would likely have heard the term EMF before. It is also possible that you may have heard it before in a sci-fi movie and wondered what the heck it means. Well EMF is short for electromotive force and it is used in electromagnetism and electronics to define an action that is produced when a non-electrical force generates electricity. Usually, an electromotive force is produced by the conversion of other forms of energy into electricity with the help of generators or a battery. 


You may wonder how electricity can be produced without the action of an electrical charge. But physics makes us understand that bodies can generate an electrical charge without the help of electricity. Suppose you have ever witnessed the attraction between the negative and positive sides of a magnet. In that case, you will understand that it is possible to generate a force of attraction without the need of connecting wires like you find in electrical devices. So what then are EMFs, and how can you measure them? 

Understanding the Concept of Electromotive Force 

It will interest you to find that we live in a world where we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields which are harmful to us. Greg who manages the website EMF Protection Pros has numerous contents on his blog where he brings to light some of the potential harm that exposures to the radiation from electromotive fields around us could cause. 

But avoiding electromotive radiation will be completely impossible seeing as we rely on gadgets such as TV, mobile phones, computers, smartwatches, and the likes in our everyday lives. And the best you can do is to be able to measure just how much exposure you are facing from radiations from these gadgets daily. You can keep yourself and your family safe as Greg does by investing in a quality EMF meter or detector that helps you stay in the loop of just how much exposure to these radiations you are getting. 

You will have to get the best EMF meters for measuring electromagnetic fields and be sure you know how to take the readings so you know just how much risk you are exposed to daily. 

How to Measure EMF the Right Way?

To begin you will need to invest in a quality EMF meter that is easy to use, and you want to go for brands that make it easy for you to detect even the slightest level of radiations and frequencies in the home and office. You can find review websites like that of Greg of EMF protection pros that do an excellent job of providing you with a concise comparison of some of the best brands of EMF detectors in the market. 

Before you even go purchasing an EMF meter, you want to first understand that there are different types of physical fields that can be produced by a body that is electrically charged. They include 

  • Electric field 
  • Magnetic field 
  • Radio frequency 

The radiation from an electromotive force can be broken down into the strength of the radiation and the frequency with which the force acts on the body. While there are devices that generate extremely low frequencies, there are others that are extremely high for the human body to cope with. And constant exposure to such high frequencies can harm health. 

The strength of the EMF radiation is usually what is taken into account when it comes to staying safe around devices that emit such radiation around us. The type of electromotive force radiation and exposure level will determine just how strong the emission is. And if you live close to areas that make use of many radioactive materials, you can expect the level of exposure to be high. This link https://www.healthline.com/health/emf has more on the risk of constant exposure to EMF radiation. 

Using an EMF Meter to Measure Electromotive Force Exposures 

measuring emf

There is no doubt that you will likely detect the faintest of frequencies when you move around with an EMF meter in your home. And the strength increases as you get close to objects that emit radiation, such as your mobile phones, radios, and other electronic devices around the house. 

Start with Surveying Different Areas of the House 

Holding your meter, you want to gradually walk around the house, moving the device to try and pick the slightest changes in the readings. And you want to have a notepad available to jot down sections with increasing readings. 

Take Note of Places where you Notice a Spike in Readings

As you move around the house, you want to note the place that gives off a beep or where the meter swings and try and detect the exact device that is giving off the radiation. 

Focus on Places you Spend the Most Time 

If you have a lot of areas to cover, you want to concentrate your effort on the sections of the house where you spend the most time. This could be in your study, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or car. And as advised, you want to take notes of the readings and try to find places where you notice peak readings. You can find more here on how best to measure EMF and take readings.    

Final Note 

While there is surely nothing you can do to avoid exposure to radiation since we rely on electronic devices in the home, you want to put in the effort to know just how much radiation you are exposed to. And you can make this happen by getting a quality EMF meter so you can find out the devices that give off the most radiation in your home or office. 

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