Using Technology For Medical Purposes

With the health care reform and medical taxes in such controversy, medical companies are turning to new and advanced technologies now more than ever to deliver cheaper, faster, and more effective products. In addition to this, you have probably seen many old medical devices get a complete makeover. Whatever the situation is, it really is no big secret that technology is completely taking the medical field by storm. Many individuals still believe that the approval process for these new technologies is unnecessary and too complex. However, it should be noted the FDA is focusing their efforts on simplifying the process. With all that being said, below, you will learn about some of these new advanced technologies and how they are changing lives.

Monitor And Caring For Diabetes Without Needles

Diabetes is a major disease that has swept through the nation. More and more individuals each year are being diagnosed with this horrible disease. If you are one of these people, you already know that diabetes self-care involves a lot of pain, as you are constantly drawing blood and injecting insulin. This is not to even mention the heightened risk of infection. Well, if you have diabetes, you will be happy to learn that there is a new product in the works that should eliminate all this poking and prodding.

In fact, a medical company is working on a patch-like device that will stick to the skin and use a transdermal biosensor to read blood through the skin. The sensor is designed to collect a reading each minute and send it to a monitoring device, which will go off when your blood sugar levels start to reach inappropriate levels.

Get Checked Out By A Robot

You have probably seen at least one or two movies where robots were walking amongst humans, serving them, or working with them. Well, thanks to the iRobot Corporation and In Touch Health Company, the medical industry is now closer to that type of reality than ever. The FDA has already approved this mobile cart device with a two-way video screen and monitoring technology for hospitals. Not only can these devices check in on patients, but they can also monitor charts and vital signs. These devices will provide rural countries with the type of medical care they have desired for years.

Robots and automation are now vital for many life tasks, including trading in the stock market, surgery, and even social media marketing. knows all about social media marketing automation.

The Aortic Valve

Whether you are dealing with clogged or blocked arteries, open-heart surgery might be your only option. Unfortunately, not everyone’s body or heart is in the condition to handle this type of evasive procedure. Well, thanks to the aortic valve, open-heart surgery is now not the only option available on the table. The Edwards Life Sciences Corporation has now developed a new type of valve that is completely changing the way heart centers treat patients. The device has already been widely used in Europe, but it is now finding its way to the United States.

While this device is only available to the frailest of patients, it might one day be a viable alternative for everyone. This device eliminates the need for a long and lengthy open-heart procedure and greatly shortens a patient’s hospital stay.

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