In the technologically developed world we live in, it is hardly a surprise to find out that it is possible to use satellite technology together with cutting-edge data analytics to solve many of the world’s problems. This tends to help us plan for the future by making better, informed decisions.

By providing new insights to business problems using the best available data tools such as satellite imagery, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning and other scientific methods, scientists can provide a more accurate understanding of the problems facing businesses. The insight these technologies provide is then used to predict events and enable informed business decisions to drive growth, decrease costs or gain a more significant market share.

Not only does the technology help a business grow financially, but also allows it to make environmentally conscious decisions to help it analyse the sustainability and societal impact of its investments and decrease negatives effects on climate change.

Using satellites to drive decisions has been possible for over 50 years, thanks to satellite development companies like HSAT. The first successful meteorological experiments carried out by a satellite in 1959, carried an instrument used to measure the earth’s heat balance. This measured the difference between the incoming solar radiation and the radiation leaving the atmosphere due to reflection and emission processes. This energy budget drives global weather patterns and is, therefore, an essential resource in observing the world’s changes in climatic conditions.

But that was only the beginning, today with the improvements made to the technology by younger, brighter minds this technology proves to do much more. Scientists work side by side with industries such as trading, aquaculture, energy, retail and ESG.

In aquaculture, satellite technology is helping the industry grow and thrive but at the same time keeping the environment safe and corruption-free. Pollution levels and oxygen crashes are measured in fishing waters. Satellites are used to detect changes in pollution levels, the build-up of plankton, currents, wind directions and water quality. This can protect and improve fish stocks. Satellites also help ensure the health and safety of the earth’s primary source of oxygen, our ocean’s plankton, drifting plants and algae, and bacteria that can affect photosynthesis.

Satellites also help protect our environment and natural animal habitats. They help us to understand when land is under threat from pollution, overhunting or even intensive farming. Satellites are also used to protect forests that are home to billions of animal species, especially those that are endangered.

Using new data sources and knowledge derived from satellites can shape the course of nations, or better yet our world. It is therefore very beneficial for more and more companies and businesses to invest in satellite technology to help improve the lives of human beings everywhere but also keeps us safe, informed and fully aware of the impacts of decisions we make. Being a part of this world, it is our responsibility as organisms who share this beautiful planet with a billion other organisms, to leave it better than we found it, for future generations.

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