Canada is known for its characteristic excellence – only a couple of countries on the planet can flaunt anything near its abundance of woods, lakes and mountains. With its scanty population and extreme weather conditions, it is a nation filled with multicultural people and has globally renowned universities. These universities have world-class facilities and are home to many international students. Canada has always been a top choice for students to study in Canada due to its curriculum and the way it shows that there is unity in diversity.

 Are you planning to pursue the course of your choice in your dream college in Canada? Here is a list of the top 10 colleges in Canada and you’ll surely want to check them out!


10. Queen’s University

Queen’s University was founded by the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria in 1871 and stood as one of the oldest universities in Canada. The energetic environment at Queen’s University helps its students to excel in their studies and other various programs the university offers. Findings in Computational science and engineering are the areas that the university is known for. The Queen’s ranks at number 10 in Canada and 239th globally.

9. University of Calgary

Established in 1966, the University of Calgary is an open research college attracting more than 30,000 students annually. These students come into the University from more than 120 countries. More than 1000 students are sent abroad to different locations under the foreign exchange programs. Among the college’s customs is ‘Bermuda Shorts Day’ (BSD), a yearly occasion in April that denotes the end day of class. Apart from donning shorts on BSD, students conduct an enormous occasion that celebrates oneness and larger gardens. The college has a clear strategy to wind up as one of Canada’s main five research colleges. The University of Calgary ranks 233 globally and number 9 in Canada.

8.  Western University

The college draws in students with wide perspectives trying to ponder, connect with, and lead in global networks. Understudies from 117 nations take part in study-abroad, research and volunteer chances to widen points of view and learning. Viewed as one of Canada’s most outstanding campus, Western offers a full record of undergraduate, graduate and expert projects. Its measured degree structure enables students to modify their college degrees in its first-section faculty. Western also offers second-section undergrad and graduation. Western University’s global rank is 211, whereas its Canadian rank is 8.

7.  University of Waterloo

Situated in the core of Canada’s technology hub, the College offers an incredible stage for alumni to extend their work-based learning. The college was likewise one of the first to present the cooperative program, to come to a point where classroom learning and practical training meet. Waterloo has been rewarded with the first position in Canada for career preparation, whereas its ranking is 7th in Canada and 173rd in the world.

6.  McMaster University

It is one of just four Canadian Colleges reliably positioned on the world top 100. The university is situated in the core of one of the most dynamic and multicultural districts of North America being just one hour away drive and flight from Toronto and New York, respectively. They are focused on participating in issues that influence Canada and also the world. The McMaster University ranks at 140th in the world and 6th in Canada.

5.  University of Montreal

Montreal was rated the best city for students around the globe in 2017.  Universite de Montreal has the largest arrangement of programs to offer in Canada. The University also backs up the students who want to hone their French-speaking abilities, along with the ones who are good at English. The city of Montreal is known for its cultural diversity, and studying at UdeM will give a chance to explore the city. The University of Montreal is the top 5th university in Canada and ranks at 137 globally.

4.  University of Alberta

With more than 400 student groups providing understudies with scope in academics and extra-curricular activities, the University of Alberta gives its students the chance to study at various institutions in partnership, across the globe.  As far as employment rate is concerned, the University of Alberta ranks number 1 in Canada and number 4 in the Canadian university rankings. Its global rank is 113.

3.  University of British Columbia

As a globally renowned University for excellence in research and training, the University of British Columbia provides its students with new opportunities. The University has one of its campuses in the heart of Vancouver, and the other one in Okanagan Valley. With students pouring in from more than 160 countries, the University allows mingling with students from the different cohort. It is globally ranked at 51 and is the 3rd best in Canada.

2. McGill University

McGill University attracts more than 150 international students every year and has the highest number of PhD students in research in any university in Canada. Graduates from this university are very likely to be picked up by employers. Placed in Montreal, the university is segregated into upper and lower campus. There are many cafes and eateries around the campus for students to explore. The university has to offer around 300 courses which are carried out by 11 departments. The university is proudly placed at number 35 globally and is the 2nd best university in Canada.

1.  University of Toronto

The college gladly brags about being one of the world’s top research-concentrated colleges, headed to design and improve. UToronto, as it is broadly called, is an open research college in Toronto. It is a worldwide innovator in research and has made a huge impression, both in Canada and around the globe. Toronto is the main hub for technology, business and entertainment and is a vibrant, lively place which attracts students to study and explore at the same time. Its library network is huge with loads of facilities. UToronto is proudly situated at number 1 in Canadian rankings and is the 29th best in the world.


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