Top Questions Regarding E-Signatures You Should Know

There are several top questions for a better understanding of e-signatures. These include the legality of e-signatures, the primary laws and regulations of e-signatures, the legality of handwritten signatures and e-signatures, and the integrity of e-signatures. Now, let’s talk about the legality of electronic signatures.


E-signatures have already been made legal by the government. There are several points why e-signatures are used. The benefits of using electronic signatures include practicality and efficiency. In addition to that, it can also eliminate the use of papers. Electronic signatures are also important for the integrity of certain documents.

Well, the legality of e-signatures is certainly included as one of the top questions regarding e-signatures. However, you don’t have to doubt electronic signatures’ legitimacy because some laws and regulations protect privacy and electronic records. Yes, there are laws regarding electronic records, including electronic signatures in the United States. As a matter of fact, loads of companies, institutions, and organizations start using electronic signatures. They now understand the benefits of using electronic signatures. The good news is that there are specific laws regarding the legality of electronic signatures.

How about the legality of handwritten signatures versus electronic signatures? This is also one of the top questions regarding e-signatures. Many people may still believe that handwritten signatures are more legal than electronic signatures. As a matter of fact, the statement is absolutely wrong. People may even believe that signing a paper document is safer than doing electronically. In fact, handwritten signatures suffer many problems that the e-signatures can resolve. Using electronic signatures is more secure because it requires a password that is hard to guess to unlock the electronic signature. The bottom line is that electronic signatures are more confident and legal than handwritten signatures. Thus, to revolutionize and improve the security of your confidential documents, you may check with mSign, as they may be able to personalize the process and integrate it with your existing software.

People may consider that electronic signatures are not that secure because they can be floating around the internet, so that their potential to be stolen is kind of high. As a matter of fact, the electronic signatures are basically unique. This means that it is hard for someone to copy an electronic signature and use it somewhere else. Thanks to technological advancement, the electronic signature would never be the same even if you sign the same document several times. Hopefully, these top questions regarding e-signatures can help you get more enlightenment about e-signatures.

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