Top 7 iPhone Tone Makers in 2021

The early 2000s trend of setting custom ringtones has finally made a comeback. People love setting personalized ringtones of their favorite dialogues, songs, and custom-made tones to add a unique touch to their ringtones. There’s nothing funnier than making your entire class laugh during a serious lecture with your funny ringtone. 


So if you are tired of the same old default ringtones that come with your iPhone, you’re in luck! In this article, we will discuss the 7 best and most effortless ringtone makers for the iPhone to jazz up your ringtone library. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. iRingg

Designed by Softorino, iRingg is an iPhone tone maker for macOS and Windows. This simple yet powerful ringtone maker turns any song into a customized ringtone, no matter the length. And the entire process just takes two clicks. 

iRingg features a 6-sense AI technology. This machine learning model observes your listening behavior and analyzes your music library to suggest new songs according to your taste that you can turn into ringtones. 

You can choose from 100,000,000 songs and sounds on the internet. Either directly convert songs into iPhone ringtones or add a personalized touch by adding sound effects using the SndMoji+ Voice feature. 

Just pick a song, create a ringtone, and push it to your iPhone without having to worry about iTunes or format compatibility. This tool would directly send your custom ringtones to the Sounds & Haptics folder in your iPhone’s Settings.

2. Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Developed by the same company as iRingg, Softorino YouTube Converter 2 (SYC2) is a one-stop converter, downloader, ringtone maker, and transfer tool for iOS devices. This desktop app for Windows and Mac allows you to create trim-less ringtones for your iPhone and transfer them directly to your iDevice.

Just paste the URL of your desired songs/sounds or use the in-app YouTube browser to create trim-less ringtones and push them directly to your iOS devices. SYC2 comes with an automatic transfer feature, allowing you to send files to your iOS device via Wi-Fi. No need to involve cables in the process. 

3. GarageBand

GarageBand is another quite popular ringtone maker for iOS devices. This tool allows iOS users to create unique ringtones to add a personalized touch to their iOS devices. In addition to being a ringtone maker, this tool has an in-built keyboard that lets you play various musical instruments like beats, guitars, and more.

With GarageBand, you can easily export any audio to your iOS devices to be played as ringtones, convert existing audio files into ringtones or save your favorite music to iCloud to access across all iOS devices.

4. Zedge

If you google custom ringtones, you will definitely come across Zedge, one of the most popular ringtones, wallpapers, and background libraries for iOS and Android devices. This awesome tool can be used both online or as a mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Zedge offers high-quality custom ringtones and wallpapers.

With UI optimization, it is pretty easy to use and download. The app is available for free but it does come with in-app purchases for certain features. In order to use the online version, you’ll need to register for free and sign up for the service. 

After getting registered, you can search for practically any ringtones you like, be it a dialogue, a song, or any sounds. If you like the ringtone, download and transfer it to your phone by syncing via iTunes.

5. Infinity

Infinity is a ringtones app developed especially for iPhone. This app comes with a huge library of ringtones divided into music categories like rock, pop. electronic, indie, R&B, etc. You can set these ringtones as your default ringtone or choose from a premium collection of songs it has in store for you. This app is updated regularly with new songs so you can stay on track with the latest releases and use them as your ringtones. You can also organize and manage your favorite tones in the Favorites library in Infinity.

6. Audiko

Audiko is quite similar to Zedge. This ringtone app for iOS devices lets you make your own ringtones or download an existing one from their library. Although their online version is absolutely free to use, Audiko’s iOS app for iPhones costs $0.99.

The app also has a huge library of wallpapers for iPhones. It is pretty simple to use and is a favorite among other ringtone makers. Audiko’s main features include making ringtones from existing songs on your iPhone, choosing the desired duration and part of your ringtones, and sharing ringtones with your contacts.

7. Ringtones HD – Ringtone Maker

Ringtones HD- Ringtone Maker, is a popular ringtone app for iPhone. This app lets you add a personal touch to your ringtones by downloading custom ringtones. Ringtones HD has a wide category of songs and sounds that are regularly updated with newer ones. 

You can explore your desired sounds by navigating through its various themes, including comedy, animals, natural, spooky, and other sounds. You can also browse through the trending tones on the app to stay updated with the latest trends. But if you can’t find something that matches your taste, create your own custom ringtone from your favorite songs!    

Summing Up

So that’s all, folks! These are our top 7 picks for the best iPhone ringtone makers available in 2021. Go ahead and test these apps to create awesome and personalized ringtones. You can create custom ringtones for your favorite contacts. For instance, a romantic song as a ringtone for your other half, a funny ringtone for your best friend, or a spooky ringtone for your teacher, lol!

Whatever the case, these apps are sure to get you the ringtones that you’ve been looking for. So go ahead and jazz things up a bit!

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