Top 5 Rules for a Clear Mind and Excellent Memory

In today’s world, people are faced with a huge flow of information. Every day we have to keep hundreds of numbers, names, dates, and important events in our heads. No wonder that sooner or later, our brain gets overworked. As a result, we face poor memory, difficulty concentrating, and decreased performance. Can we help the brain cope with overwork? These tips can help improve brain activity.


Put Your Brain to Work

Scientists have found that the harder we put the brain to work, the better it begins to work. You could make a muscle analogy: the more we exercise, the better the muscles work. It’s the same with the brain. Regular intellectual exercise strengthens the connections in the neural network, resulting in a more productive brain.

To maintain high mental activity, do simple exercises: solve crossword puzzles and charades, gamble at a casino after entering a HellSpin login, and learn 10-15 French words daily. If all this doesn’t appeal to you, learn the poems of your favorite poets or the lyrics of songs. Another interesting option for “pumping” the brain is board games. They help improve attention and memory and develop imagination.

Choose the Right Products

“To improve brain activity, eat something sweet” is the most common misconception. Often, believing this myth, people start to pile on candy, buns, and other sweets. Indeed, the brain needs carbohydrates. But sweets contain only “fast” carbs. Eating them is not good for the brain, but a sure way to obesity.

To improve mental performance, preference for “complex” carbohydrates contained in fruits and dried fruits, nuts, honey, cereals, and legumes. Such foods will be digested more slowly, so the brain has enough energy for a long time.

We should also not forget about what we drink. A cup of strong tea or coffee is indispensable early in the morning. But during the day, caffeine is a terrible enemy of the brain. It’s better to put a bottle of pure non-carbonated water in front of you and drink one glass every 60 minutes. This will prevent dehydration of the cells in the body (including brain cells). And as we know, dehydration is a common cause of impaired performance.

Don’t Forget to Read

Reading good books helps people learn new information and enrich their vocabulary. Even brief regular reading improves mental abilities and develops imagination. Researchers have long noted that reading books greatly reduces the risk of dementia.

Get Plenty of Rest

Working long hours without adequate rest sooner or later leads to overwork and decreased performance. Healthy rest and sleep are vital for the brain and overall health. Even 10-minute breaks can help keep you mentally active.

Those who take small pauses in their work, distracted by light communication with colleagues, better perform tasks on intelligence than those who solve them at once, without pleasant short conversations. Light, positive conversation helps to sharpen memory and activate all brain functions.

Give up Bad Habits and Get Closer to Nature

Walks in beautiful places, fishing, and picnics with your loved ones in nature help relieve thoughts and distract from stressful work days. The charge of energy received in the fresh air will restore strength and give a charge of vivacity for all subsequent work days.

But it’s better to give up cigarettes and alcohol. Numerous studies show that these substances interfere with concentration at work or study, reduce brain productivity and interfere with concentration.

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