Top 5 Most Popular Mobile App Payment Gateways

Secure and dependable payment is crucial when it comes to running an ecommerce business. Both customers and business owners want to be sure the deal will go through safely and quickly.

Luckily, the payment gateway solutions market has dozens of options to offer. In this post, we’ll go through the five most popular gateway payment tools with mobile SDKs so that you can make up your mind as to which of those you should use for your business.

1. PayPal

The list of payment getaways starts with PayPal. For dozens of years, it’s been a top solution in online payments. There’s a reason for such comprehensive support – PayPal covers 190 countries, with 26 currencies and five credit card types. The gateway offers a range of services for both personal and business use.

Main features:

  • Easy invoicing;
  • Easy to use via mobile;
  • Simplified procedure for customer checkout;
  • Transaction fees: 2.9%

In order to register your business on PayPal, you have to fill in the info about the company and tax information and wait for the approval. It usually takes a day to be approved by PayPal.

2. Stripe

Stripe is another payment gateway that was launched in 2010 and quickly gained popularity. As for now, many business owners are conflicted if PayPal or Stripe is their first choice.

Let’s take a look at what makes Stripe this powerful:

  • Lower transaction fee compared to PayPal;
  • Accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Bitcoin;
  • Supports 22 countries and 24 currencies.

Stripe is also famous for a user-friendly design. For instance, you can create a custom checkout page rather than redirect your clients to the standard gateway page.

3. Transferwise

Transferwise is another choice for international transactions. It’s not as popular as Stripe or Paypal, but it still has a large customer base to lure in, seeing how the company has managed to lower transfer fees compared to their rivals.

Main features:

  • Fee transparency. When you’re issuing a transfer, you can see the calculation of your transaction fee. That way, you won’t be surprised when a recipient gets less money than anticipated.
  • It covers over 40 countries and over 50 currencies.
  • Fast transfer – it takes a few hours to get the money to the recipient.
  • Run mobile payments via Transferwise mobile app.


SecurePad is one of the oldest and most reputable payment gateways. It certainly is one of the most secure ways to make an online money transfer almost anywhere in the world. The transaction fees, however, are a downside of SecurePay; they are considerably higher than those of other gateways.

Main features:

  • Transaction fees: 35c per transaction, $400 for terminating the services;
  • Integrations for most e-commerce systems;
  • Detailed reporting;
  • Supports PayPal;


2Checkout is another payment gateway for mobile apps with a strong reputation, funded in 1999. It is one of the most convenient e-commerce payment gateways because it has integrations for Shopify, Bigcommerce, and other e-commerce platforms.

Another notable advantage of 2Checkout is its API. It’s very well done and is available in different languages (PHP, Ruby, NET, Java, etc.).

Main features:

  • Multiple payment methods (credit and debit cards, PayPal);
  • Covers 87 currencies in 15 languages;
  • Advanced security with over 300 fraud protection rules;
  • Recurring billing to enable subscription-based payment;

So, let’s sum it up

  1. The success of an e-commerce business relies heavily on choosing a payment gateway.
  2. There are dozens of options on the market, but the most obvious ones are PayPal, Stripe, Transferwise, SecurePay, and 2Checkout. And finally,
  3. While choosing a payment gateway, make sure to consider shopping security, transaction fees, the quality of the API, and overall user experience as decisive factors.

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