Top 5 Magnificent Implants!!

In the present era, medical implants have advanced at an amazing pace. Many new technologies have been used in this field, and operations such as radioactive seed implant, erections being created using hydraulics, plugging of a heart into a wall have been successfully performed.

Here are the top 5 exquisite implants being picked.

5. Radioactive Seed Implantation

These implants are called brachytherapy. They are used to cure early-stage cancer. This is performed by implanting small-sized radioactive seeds into the prostate using a needle. These seeds emit radioactive radiations, which are similar to external radiations. These emissions attack the tumor. The radiation travels for a short distance and does not affect the prostate region, unlike radiotherapy.


4. Bionic Eye

Nowadays, restoring sight can be performed in many ways. One of the most reliable and the best methods for the above operation is the Bionic Eye.

An artificial retina is formed by surgically planting a set of electrodes into the eye. However, the retina does not perform the function of vision. A small camera is placed above a pair of glasses. A remote computer is used to process the information and transmitting it wirelessly to the artificial retina.

Though the vision formed is very poor, this technology is under the process of improvement.


3. Deep Brain Stimulation

In this particular technology, the implantation of electrodes into certain parts of the brain is performed. Then, wires are connected to a neuro-stimulator from underneath the skin, implanted in the chest.

This technique works successfully for Parkinson’s disease and is under the testing stage to treat depression. However, there are many facts unknown about this operation. The reason for pulses sending the blues packing is not known yet.

Though the implant’s work is not known, it can regulate our mood, making it sound amazing and staying third on the list.


2. Hydraulic Penal Implantation

The penal implant is used when erectile dysfunction does not get cured by medication.

The Hydraulic Penile Implant consists of three parts: two cylinders implanted into the penis, a pump being injected into the scrotum, and a reservoir of fluid being invested into the lower part of the abdomen.

When a man wishes for an erection, he uses the pump to pump the liquid into the two cylinders by which expansion takes place. The penis becomes erect. Though there are many risks in implanting these devices, they work at a satisfactory rate. This uses innovation and the application of trivial engineering principles in the body and hence stands second in our list!


1. Heart Pumps

The heart pumps are mainly used by patients who have had heart failures and need to pump more blood. These pumps function instead of one or two of the ventricles of the heart. This pump works on batteries that are present outside the body. The patients often plug them directly into the wall socket and hence charge them up. It makes the heartbeat regular, even during tiredness.


The heart pump stands first in the list since it can extend life to a considerable amount of time and perform the function close to an artificial heart.

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