Tips to Use the Right Vane Pump

Vane pumps are particular types of positive displacement pump that comprises vanes and attached to a rotor that revolves inside a hollow. Vane pumps are capable of handling lubricating and other low viscosity fluids. How do these machines work?

Vane Pump

How Vane Pumps Work

Vane pumps are adjustable and are the best choice for shedding and unloading tanks. They are commonly used by companies in the automotive field. 

Vane Pumps can handle moderately viscous fluids, but they don’t work well with the highly viscous ones as higher viscosity impedes the vanes from freely moving in the spaces. These machines can handle a wide range of viscosities such as thin liquids like water and gasoline and are often used for fuel loading stations, fuel carriage vehicles, alcohol, soft drinks and syrups, and solvents because of their no metal to metal contact. Its operation is through a motor connected to a gearbox, and they use a rotating cylinder with rotors that contain a series of vanes.

If you are planning to purchase vane pumps in the future, it is important to know more about them.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vane Pump

If the time comes that you have decided to obtain a new vane pump, you may have to ponder on important things.

  • Resistance to corrosion. Choose vane pumps that have good quality. These vane pumps can last longer and are not prone to easily get rusty.
  • Choose quality products. Some people prefer choosing cheaper alternatives. However, various vane vacuum pumps are best recommended when you opt to buy a new one. It is best to consider these suggested items, especially since you will be using them on heavy tasks.
  • Pumping Speed. Think about the pumping rate of the product that you intend to buy. It should match based on the needs of the low-pressure application.
  • Price of the pump. Many people carefully think about the cost of the product before they purchase it. However, most buyers, specifical companies in the automotive field are more into quality regardless of the amount of the product.

Vane Pump Maintenance

Taking care of vane pumps is one of the things that you should do. To make it long-lasting, it is important to take note that maintenance is crucial. Here are some tips to maintain your vane pump:

  • Keep the pump cool at all times. This only means that the pump must be kept in a cool area after use. The area must have enough air to prevent it from overheating and future failure. In some cases, do not immediately turn it off right after use. Keep it on for a few minutes first before shutting it down and keeping it cool.
  • Constant changing of oil. Changing your pump’s oil is also important. It is recommended to religiously change the pump’s oil every six months.
  • Filter change. The filter needs to be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Regular changing should allow the filter to do its job of regulating the pump’s flow and preventing its failure. There will come a time that you will experience the symptoms of a pump failure, and if they start showing up, this means that you should take care of this process right away.
  • Vane replacement. Vanes inevitably wear out due to over-usage. So it is recommended to replace the vane until it reaches the point that it is at least one-fourth shorter than the actual length when you first bought it.

Considering the above ideas, you may now be able to think about the right vane pump to use and how to maintain it for long-lasting results.

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