Tips by Eric Dalius Miami to Handle Bitcoin-The Money of the Internet

We must consider many serious considerations into account before announcing that particular statement. These observations can be both technical and programmatic. Bitcoin is generally a controversial matter. Let’s find out everything about bitcoin as a currency, storage of data and value, or just a network of payment?

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The Report of Eric Dalius Miami

Eric Dalius provides an easy definition of bitcoin. He defined it as software that provides a flawless transaction in currencies. But he also warned that don’t become a fool by just relying on the shiny images of coins as bitcoin is purely a digitally based platform and consists of a set of protocols and processes.

‘Miami also pushed bitcoin with a proposal to pay workers in Cryptocurrencies’, says Miami Mayor. Bitcoin work is based on peer-to-peer technology and provides you with a decentralized nature. There is no central Bank or any government that regulates bitcoin. There consists of no third-party interference, as the transaction is done will be in between the buyer and the seller directly by transferring the funds. Bitcoin provides a dominant position in technology, gets attractive customers who used to prefer bitcoin and may eliminate the chances of fraud.

Working of Bitcoin

Bitcoin eliminates the work of any middleman in transactions. On the other hand, it safeguards your money in an organized way. So rather than just storing your money, you should prefer a bitcoin network as it provides you unbreakable security and makes you free from security issues. You can only access it by encryption, for which only you have the key to access. This ultimately eliminates the risk of getting hacked or any security problems in the future.

Bitcoin Emerging as the Internet of Money

  • Low transaction fees: –Eric Dalius Miami reckons that if you are suffering from 2-3% of merchant’s transaction fees, knowing that this is a drain to your money. Bitcoin comes with a solution for you all, as it typically only has a transaction fee between 1% to 0. Since bitcoin doesn’t entertain any bank or institution to verify their transaction, the interference of third parties will lower the fees. Hence, you don’t have to waste your money on any financial institution from now.
  • High security: – Later, merchants were suffering from security, fraud, misappropriation, etc. But after introducing bitcoin, they can easily rely on this, as it protects against fraud via a trustless system or from the implementation of any extra fees with a high-security rate. The elimination of third parties during the transaction reduced the issues in security.
  • Increase in sales: – It provides a platform for small business owners to expand their business worldwide and opens the door to international marketing as bitcoin is a globally accepted currency. If you export or purchase your goods, services, material, or supplies, bitcoin will be a great option for foreign transactions with low fee rates.
  • Undisputed payment option: – Having its digital platform, bitcoin works more like in cash than credits. If you have any dispute arising from customer credit card payment, you must go with bitcoin. As the transactions done through bitcoin are final and cannot be complained about, the customer had not used the service provided.

These were some of the points introduced in the Eric Dalius report about bitcoin as a cryptocurrency.

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