Thirteen Terrible Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Body

Most people unintentionally damage their bodies by performing several harmful day-to-day activities. Individuals continue to stick to this damaging behavior because they don’t know the alarming medical consequences of these activities on the human body.

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To encourage you to end this behavior, here are fourteen terrible things you do to your body that you should stop immediately:

1. Ingesting drugs into the body

According to the World Drug Report, 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug abuse disorders. Ingesting harmful substances into the body can cause serious adverse health problems like cancer, lung disease, heart disease, mental disorders, and more. Using drugs affects an individual’s feelings, moods, decision-making, judgment, memory, and learning. An addict is also more likely to hurt their loved ones and resort to loneliness or suicide.

2. Smoking harmful substances

Smoking can never be safe, no matter how carefully it is done. A single cigarette per day over a lifetime can cause severe smoking-related cancers over time and push people towards premature death. People who smoke regularly are also at an increased risk of eye diseases, tuberculosis, immune system damage, and arthritis. Smoking is the single worst thing people can do to harm their bodies.

3. Preventing the body’s recovery

People addicted to substances must quit their dependence on the harmful drug as soon as possible. When doing so, they must plan their journey to recovery well using an addiction guide and other resources available online. Not allowing the body to recover from drugs entirely can subject a person to suffer severe risks and medical issues. One must remember that recovery takes time; the human body needs to repair and rebuild its natural processes after harmful substances leave the organs.

4. Sleeping for fewer hours

Sleep deprivation can harm your body. Most medical experts believe not getting enough sleep can shrink a person’s brain, cause obesity by increasing appetite, and irregularly raise blood pressure. When the body isn’t given proper hours of rest, it forces the human to sleep at undesirable hours. This sleepy feeling makes a person tired and slows down human reactions by three times, preventing physical function significantly.

5. Ignoring a treatable medical condition

A person who chooses to ignore their treatable medical condition can seriously damage their health. They are choosing the worst possible thing for their body by ignoring treatable illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, addiction, and more. Delaying treatment can intensify damage and cause several other medical conditions that might lead to premature death.

6. Overtraining or overexercising the body

Too much of a good thing can also become a bad thing. Most people enjoy training and exercising so much they commit to it for unnecessary hours. They are physically straining the body more than standard routine demands, which can be highly detrimental. Individuals may injure their muscles and bones, leading to problems as they grow older.

7. Committing to a workaholic life

While being a workaholic can guarantee you more money, it cannot guarantee a happy, healthy life. Continuing to work excessively in a compulsive fashion can lead a person to become overweight or underweight, prone to heart diseases, and susceptible to cancer. More work can also cause more stress, damage the human body’s internal environment and cause several mental disorders.

8. Consuming alarming amounts of sugar

People must enjoy everything in moderation in life, especially those looking to maintain their weight and health. Excessive sugar can lead to several health problems like weight gain, tooth decay, hypertension, diabetes, and more. Consuming extreme amounts of sugar in a day in the form of soft drinks, desserts, processed foods, and more can severely harm the human body. A person must read the nutritional labels of every item they consume carefully to check their sugar consumption.

9. Not drinking enough water

The human body uses water to eliminate waste and toxins, transport oxygen and nutrients to various muscles, and protect every organ. Not drinking enough water can hinder the body’s ability to conduct the aforementioned processes. People must carry a water bottle to consume a good amount of water throughout the day. If plain water gets boring, people can hydrate their bodies with other beverages like milk, coffee, and tea.

10. Forcing the body to stay on low-carb diets

Your body doesn’t need a low-carb diet; it needs a balanced diet to survive. However, people realize this fact too late in life. Therefore, to overcome their obesity, they resort to low-carb diets. Most people appreciate the diet’s ability to reduce weight and commit to it for a lifetime to maintain a desirable figure. However, reducing the intake of carbohydrates can limit the human body’s ability to function correctly, causing several medical issues in the long term.

11. Sitting or standing for very long hours

If an individual’s job requires them to stand for excessively long hours, they are likely to be putting extreme strain on their muscles. On the other hand, if a person is sitting too much while working a desk job or binge-watching their favorite season, they are also risking their health. Doing these two things for an alarming period can lead to body pain and musculoskeletal and nervous injuries.

12. Overlooking health symptoms

Most people dealing with sickness don’t realize it until it’s too late. Human beings tend to ignore symptoms because they are afraid to visit the doctor, too lazy to step out, or worried about wasting money on unnecessary appointments. Symptoms are the body’s way of exclaiming that something’s wrong and needs to be treated. However, people are seriously giving up on their health by ignoring the symptoms.

13. Having excessive screen time

According to scientific studies, people who spend at least six hours of their day in front of a screen are more likely to be depressed. The human body needs a break from the unnatural light of devices and gadgets, especially at night. People must allow their bodies to produce melatonin. This chemical can only be produced in darkness and induces comfortable, relaxing sleep.


Now that you know the many ways you have been harming your body, revise your actions. Use this guide to eliminate harmful actions and substances damaging your body and promote maintaining a balance that can help you lead a longer, healthier life.

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