How AccuRanker Can Help You Achieve Better Rankings On Google, Yandex, And Baidu Easy As Pie!

AccuRanker has all of the essential functions that any decent serp checker should. The tool provides a complete study of your rankings, displaying a variety of essential variables and enabling you to quickly and simply filter the data.


Overview of AccuRanker

AccuRanker delivers a variety of data on your ranks, but you won’t feel overwhelmed since the data is displayed in the form of lists, graphs, and charts, which makes the tool pretty straightforward to explore.


AccuRanker enables customers to plan reports and have them sent automatically to any number of email recipients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. AccuRanker provides a reasonable amount of versatility when it comes to reporting creation.

There are four report kinds available:

  • PDF
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Google Sheets

Additionally, the utility allows you to choose from four templates:

  • Only keywords
  • Keywords only, without regard for search volume
  • Typical report
  • Standard report without regard for the number of searches

You may compose the email subject line and text directly in AccuRanker, as well as provide the email address from which the report should be sent.

Additionally, you may add a number of filters to the report, based on the kind of data you want to display and the organization of the report. For instance, you may configure it to display just ranks for highlighted terms and to arrange them by the search engine, location, device, and rank change.

Support for a Search Engine, a Language, a Location, and a Device

AccuRanker combines all four functions, enabling you to pick the search engine, language, location, and device from the same menu.

When creating a new domain in AccuRanker, if you pick the United States as the target market for which you want to verify your rankings, you seem to have just the language option.

That is not true. The tool does not contain both Google and Bing searches by default; rather, it indicates which search engines are accessible in that location.

After selecting a language, a new window will appear where you may choose between desktop and mobile search engines, as well as add particular regions if you’re targeting a certain geographic area.

Additional options are available, and if you’re unclear about what each one does, just hover your mouse over the question mark for more information.

AccuRanker’s capability for YouTube rank monitoring is a significant benefit. The only reason it is not visible in the screenshot above is that when building your project, you will need to add the channel as a domain.

Share of Voice

The Share of Voice measure in AccuRanker is quite similar to the Average Rank metric. That stated, the Average Rank may often present deceptive statistics, but the SoV function in AccuRanker simply indicates major changes in the performance of your most critical keywords.

This implies that AccuRanker will prioritize changes to terms on the first page of Google above changes to other pages, providing you with insight into the performance of your organic traffic-generating keywords.

Additionally, the Share of Voice Landing Pages is an intriguing feature. It enables you to determine which pages of your website get the most traffic.

Examine Frequency

AccuRanker refreshes the keyword ranks daily by default. When you initially enter the keywords, the program will do a check and provide the current ranks.

Although AccuRanker does not enable you to customize the check frequency, it does allow you to manually refresh the keywords every two hours.

YouTube, Baidu, and Yandex Tracker Accuranker

AccuRanker enables you to monitor your YouTube channel’s keyword ranks. YouTube videos continue to grow in popularity. If you create videos for YouTube, you must monitor your videos’ keyword rankings to guarantee they appear in YouTube search and other search engines.

AccuRanker’s YouTube Tracker enables you to simply monitor the keywords associated with your YouTube channel’s content. AccuRanker downloads all videos from your YouTube channel and tracks your video’s performance in YouTube’s search results as well as those of other search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex depending on the country you pick.

This is ideal if you’re looking to boost your video SEO. If you have customers in China, AccuRanker’s Baidu monitoring enables you to identify Chinese SEO chances.

Final Thought

AccuRanker is an excellent SEO tool that may help you increase your campaign even more. Its simplicity makes it simple to take up, and its navigation and organizing make it very time efficient. A successful and progressing SEO strategy requires dependable tools, and AccuRanker should be included.

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