The Types Of Disposable Gloves And What They Are Best For

Suppose you are starting a medical practice, a tattoo parlor, a cleaning company, or any other type of establishment that uses disposable gloves. In this case, you might be somewhat unsure which disposable gloves are best, as there are several different types of gloves. And gloves are used by various kinds of professionals and employees to protect for multiple reasons. There are tons of different kinds of businesses out there that need disposable gloves daily. And choosing the right type of disposable gloves is pretty essential, as they are generally worn for protection instead of serving as a mere uniform element. What’s more, using the wrong kind of gloves can cause a bit of a problem, primarily if you are operating as a business in the medical sector.

Disposable Gloves

So, to help you determine which type of disposable gloves are best for your business, we have listed the different types and what they are best used for. Once you have decided which gloves you need, you should find a supplier of ESD gloves. It is crucial to consider ESD compliant and safe gloves as they will be quality gloves.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are crafted from natural rubber, and just a few advantages they offer include durable comfort, flexibility, a suitable fit, and tactile sensitivity. These gloves can protect you from bacteria and viruses. And they are commonly used in the medical sector for this reason. Medical practitioners generally use latex gloves as they are comfortable and durable while offering an exceptional level of flexibility. However, they often contain powder, and some people have latex allergies.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are the most suitable alternative to latex gloves, although non-medical professionals commonly use them as they are not always as durable. However, this disposable glove is often used as examination gloves by tattoo artists and other professionals who need to wear protective gloves, although they don’t require extreme protection against bacteria and viruses. These gloves are crafted from a synthetic material, and they are stretchy and durable. They offer substantial protection from chemicals and viruses.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are the following main category of disposable gloves. And they are not at all suitable for medical professionals as they only protect from chemicals. These gloves are cost-efficient and comfortable, and they are best for cleaning and other professions that don’t expose the individual to viruses and bacterias.

Powdered And Powder-Free Gloves

All three main categories of gloves are generally available in powdered and powder-free options. However, powder-free gloves are usually a bit more pricey, although they are best to prevent allergies and are also a bit more comfortable. Powdered gloves can become uncomfortable if worn for long periods, as the powder can cause sweating, which can be uncomfortable. So, if you are wearing gloves for more extended periods, powder-free options are the best solution.

Examination And Surgical Gloves

Latex and nitrile gloves can be used as examination or surgical gloves. However, vinyl gloves are only suitable as examination gloves. When choosing examination or surgical options, you will have to determine the use of the glove and what you need protection from. Those working in the medical sector will need sterile surgical gloves when working with patients. At the same time, examination gloves are suitable for lab work and other professions that don’t involve contacting patients directly.

Choosing The Right Disposable Gloves

When choosing suitable disposable gloves for your business, you will need to consider a few essential factors. These factors include the level of protection you need from the gloves, glove size, your budget, and in some cases, glove color.

If your business falls into the medical industry, you must use blue or white ESD compliant gloves, surgical, and sterile. If you are working in any other industry, you will have more options to choose from. For example, tattoo artists are known to wear colorful nitrile powder-free gloves, while cleaning companies generally opt for the affordability of vinyl gloves.

You must choose your gloves while considering various factors, just as you would carefully consider your essential office supplies to conform to both your needs and your budget. With that said, it is generally best to purchase in bulk, as this will drop your expenses slightly while you also won’t find your business constantly running low on essential supplies. Choosing gloves can be somewhat challenging the first time. However, as soon as you find suitable gloves and the right supplier, you should consider simply repeating your order regularly to simplify your stock functions.

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