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When you remain stuck in late evening Atlanta traffic after a delayed flight holding you back at an alien city airport for a good part of a day, there’s hardly anything that can seemingly go wrong! I lived through all these irritations upon my return to Atlanta last month, only to realize that humans can never have enough patience to deal with the vagaries of life. I had rather excitedly plugged in my portable hard drive into my laptop to watch a movie, only to see nothing happening to the computer! My little ten-year-old daughter came running up to me to tell me how the drive had stopped working a few days back. Gosh – there was a terrible expense staring me right in the eye.


It didn’t take me long to recollect memories of how I’d ended up paying four times the price of the hard drive the last time my little kid had dropped it off from the computer table. Not sure if the guys at the data recovery lab were rubbing it in when they told me that I’d damaged data clusters by trying to screw-drive my way through the hard drive case. The data that the drive contained was too precious for the hefty cost to deter me from data recovery.

Thankfully, my second rendezvous with misery was not that bitter, and that’s all thanks to the highest degree of professionalism shown by the team at SalvageDatas, arguably the most renowned and reliable data recovery service in and around Atlanta, as all my geeky friends seemed to exude a lot of confidence while suggesting the company to me. Coming from the service industry myself, I completely realize the practice of overcharging that expert service firms are adept at. However, it pleased me no ends to know that they didn’t charge anything for carrying out inspections of the drives. Free inspection is just one of the many customer-centric features provided by SalvageData, some of the others being:-

  • 24×7 support and guidance on data recovery and storage medium damages
  • Expert engineers with certifications
  • Fast services to ensure speedy results

Readers would know that I had my reasons to believe that there would be a mammoth expected price bill ready for me. It had been ahead crashing the last time, and the people I’d gone to had found it really tough to salvage the data I told them to. Very honestly, I did not quite know of all the things that can go wrong with a hard drive and was just patiently watching the experts at SalvageData talk among themselves regarding the future of my hard drive. According to them, it was and electronics-related damage to the hard drive and not physical damage. From what all I could gather, there are issues of the following sorts with hard disks:-

  • Physical damages due to crashes and falls
  • Electrical damages due to supply overloads
  • Spindle getting stuck
  • Any of the above issues leading to damaging of platter

Let me share some of Tim’s information (data recovery expert at SalvageData) when I’d taken the hard drive to him for inspection.


There’s a PCB board inside the hard drive, and somehow, it had undergone electrical damage. Really, I was at a loss to help them explain the reasons of the damage occurring, as I had been away from home for at least a week before learning that the hard drive was not ‘showing up’ (as the kids called it). The consultant went to great lengths to explain how they’d find a replacement PCB for the drive and would sell it with precision to get my disk working again. The price they quoted for the service was just a fraction of what I’d anticipated. Within a couple of days, I had my working hard drive ready to be picked. I’d never look beyond the responsive data recovery services of SalvageData in Atlanta if I ever happen to face data recovery problems again in the future, that’s something I can vouch for.


  1. May I suggest at $50 a year. You’ll never be sorry… 🙂

    Love your website by the way – keep up the hacking!

  2. I have been in the computer services field since 2003 and have used a handful of high level data recovery companies. But Data Recovery doesn’t assure that all files deleted can be recovered successfully.

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