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The Benefits of LED Lighting

Throughout the world, we can see many renowned lighting experts endorsing the use of LED lighting. In fact, this advanced solid state lighting technology has acquired significant market share in such short time that the world cites it as the next big thing in the lighting industry.

But have you ever wondered what makes LED lighting such an attractive option?

Well, the truth is that advanced LED lights available to us today are particularly designed to maximize the comfort of users. The solid state technology, which forms the basis of these lights, and the components used in their manufacturing are all designed to ensure that the user gets maximum benefit. As stated by the Infographic by Designerleds.com “10 Benefits of switching to LED lighting”, LED lights is heralding a brighter dawn for lighting solutions, with a number of benefits stemming from its energy efficiency and clean, eco-friendly design.

This prudent designing and manufacturing of these lights makes them stand out from the crowd by offering unmatched perks, which were never offered by any other lighting technology in the past. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of LED lighting:

  1. LED Lights Have Longer Lifespan:

One of the most attractive benefits of LED lighting is that you do not have to replace the bulbs after every few months. While an incandescent bulb has an average rated life of 1200 hours, a halogen bulb is usually good for 3000 hours of illumination and a compact fluorescent bulb lasts for 6000 hours. However, an average LED light bulb provides the same lighting output for more than 50,000 hours. This saves a lot of trouble and cost which is otherwise incurred on frequent bulb replacements.

  1. LED Lights are Safe to Use:

Since LED lights are based on advanced solid state lighting technology, they do not contain any kind of filaments. Moreover, these lights emit almost negligible amount of heat as compared with the conventional halogen and florescent light bulbs. To add to this is the ability of these lights to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. These qualities minimize virtually all kind of safety concerns in their installation and use, be it a residential setup, a commercial setup or an extreme environment in an industrial setup.

  1. LED Lights Have High Efficiency:

Traditional incandescent bulbs offer an efficiency of only 40%. This employs that only 40% of the total electricity consumed by the bulb is being converted to light while 60% of it is radiated as waste heat. However, by switching to LED lights, you get an electricity to light conversion efficiency as high as 90%. This does not only reduce your electricity bill but also reduces the amount of heat radiated in the environment, thus reducing the air-conditioning requirements.

  1. LED Lights Incur Low Maintenance Cost:

Many people think that the use of LED lights cost more than the conventional lights. It might be true if you consider only the capital cost but not if you look at the whole picture. The slightly higher capital cost of LED lights is more than compensated by the reduced annual maintenance and replacement cost. Estimates suggest that the annual maintenance cost for LED lights is on average $12 per bulb per year. The same cost for halogen lights is $58 while for incandescent lights, it is $293 per bulb per annum.

  1. LED Lights Offer Enhanced Customization:

Another advantage of LED lights is the range of customization they offer in terms of colors, shapes and sizes. Moreover, different types of LED lights are made to perfectly fulfill different requirements. For example, in large outdoor areas, LED floodlights work best for providing a bright illumination. On the other hand, small LED spotlights can be best employed for highlighting small areas and objects.

  1. LED Lights are Eco-Friendly:

With minimal heat radiation into the environment, high efficiency and low energy consumption, these lights have a very small carbon footprint. Moreover, as the LED lights have considerably long rated life, their use means that we are actually reducing the amount of discarded bulbs which would otherwise be dumped into the landfill. All these facts make LED lighting, the most eco-friendly lighting technology available to us today.

  1. LED Lights are Compatible with Lighting Controls:

Yet another benefit is the compatibility of these lights with dimmers and other lighting controls like sunset switches, motion sensors, vacancy sensors etc. The use of these controls enhance the flexibility of lighting which does not only allow you to set the required mood in the area but also increases the money savings.

With all these perks in mind, there remains no doubt that LED lighting is the best lighting option we have today. This is why many renowned businesses, hotels, industries, shops and home owners have already taken the big step of replacing their old lights with the advanced LED lights. It is expected that in future, this trend of switching towards LED lighting is only going to rise.



  1. The main and great advantage of LED light. Minimum Power consumption and great lighting effect.

  2. LED Bulbs are very cheap and their life is long. And most important things, led bulbs are Eco friendly

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  4. LED Bulbs are very cheap and their life is long.

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