Review on skin lesion imaging, analysis and automatic classification

The goal of any imaging methodology used in dermatology is to diagnose melanoma in the early stages because it depends on treatment effectiveness. Investigations show that early diagnosis is more than 90% curable and late is less than 50% [1]. The diagnosis and successful treatment are often supplemented with permanent monitoring of suspicious skin lesions. The doctor’s diagnosis is reliable, but this procedure takes lots of time, effort. These routines can be automated. It could save lots of doctor’s time and could help to diagnose more accurately. Besides using computerized means, there is an excellent opportunity to store information with diagnostic information to use it for further investigations or create new methods of diagnosis. Skin lesion imaging methods We found that there are several various imaging methods of skin lesions [2]. The simplest skin visualization method is photography. This method gives only the top layer of the skin image. To get a deeper layer image, there is oil immersion used. It reduces reflections of the surface and brightens the image of the epidermis – the second skin layer.

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