Future Robots Are Ready To Replace Human Beings

Robots are one of the greatest milestones in the field of science and technology. They are ready to replace human beings. They can even be a friend to you or a companion when you need someone. Japan is one of the birth place of most of the robots. In Japan people are trying to design a robot which can even show emotional reactions like fear, anger, sadness , disgust , happiness and even surprise. When you say a word like ‘war’ to the robot he immediately shows the emotion of fear and when you say love the robot smiles with its pink lips. What more do you expect a assembled metal and wires to do ? Future of robots is very wide and more sophisticated uses. There are researches going on to bring about a robot to monitor the farming. The robot would know the need of the plants and act based on that. When a plant needs water then robot would water them, or if the plant needs nutrients then that would be supplied by the robot. So robot is not restricted to computer field and heavy machinery industries motor industries but also to paddy fields.

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