Future Robots Are Ready To Replace Human Beings

Robots are one of the most significant milestones in the field of science and technology. They are ready to replace human beings. They can even be a friend to you or a companion when you need someone. Japan is one of the birthplaces of most robots. In Japan, people are trying to design a robot that can even show emotional reactions like fear, anger, sadness, disgust, happiness, and even surprise. When you say a word like ‘war’ to the robot, he immediately shows the emotion of fear, and when you say love, the robot smiles with its pink lips. What more do you expect an assembled metal and wires to do?


The future of robots is extensive and more sophisticated uses. Researches are going on to bring about a robot to monitor farming. The robot would know the need of the plants and act based on that. When a plant needs water, the robot will water them, or if the plant needs nutrients, it would be supplied by the robot. So the robot is not restricted to the computer field and heavy machinery industries, motor industries, and paddy fields.

Japanese feel robotic engineering success would be achieved only if the intelligent robot can live side by side along with the human beings doing day-to-day tasks.

Most of the companies have good looking robots as a receptionist. They can welcome the staff and attend calls with their recorded computerized voices. There are even robots to clean and vacuum the office corridors. Robots are also installed at sophisticated homes for feeding older people. Some robots look so realistic to give a lively touch to give comfort to lonely people. Such move their heads once in a while and blink their eyes.

Not only the Japanese government but also other countries are funding the study and research on robots. IN Japan, at least 42 million dollars is spent on humanoid robots and around 10 million each year from 2006 to 2010 for various technological robots. Also, the government plans to assign at least 25 million dollars in the year 2025. Robotics is considered to be one of the developing fields of science and also supposed to help the human community to a great extent. The only disadvantage of robots is that they can replace human, mechanical work very efficiently. But whatever happens, there is nothing to replace human intelligence. In Japan, robots are always depicted as friendly creatures helping the human community rather than like destroying creatures in science fiction movies.

Compared to other countries, Japan stands first in the inventions and manufacturing of robots and robot technology development. Japan stands out as a powerhouse of robot manufacturing. An unimaginable count of robots is already working in various factories and industries in Japan. Around 300 thousand robots were working in Japan even in 2005. The advantages of deploying the robots to work in factories are that they don’t get tired, don’t take sick leaves, ask for a pay hike or overtime salary, or retiring benefits. Robots can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any rest, only that they need to be charged for their power to operate.


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