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Time to make Raspberry Pi go wireless

Setting WiFi on Raspberry Pi is easier then described earlier. The raspberry Pi has went through upgrades and generations, so most of the settings has been simplified. If you set up WiFi using GUI, then it same as on any windows – you select SSID and enter a password. I feel that Raspberry pi should be mostly accessed through console, since it is designed to be an embedded computer. This is why it is important to have ability to do all things in command line. No matter which raspberry pi you have, you can set wireless network the same way. Firs of all, if you use Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 you will need a USB wireless adapter. The later boards already come with build in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. To set up WiFi, you need to edit wpa-supplicant configuration file, which can be accessed by entering: To the bottom of file add your network settings as follows: Save settings by pressing CTRL+X and Y to confirm. You may need to reboot your board for network to connect. Raspberry Pi Model B comes with Ethernet interface built in where you can plug cable and have internet access. In many cases…

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