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Electrical signal power and energy calculations by example

In electronics and signal processing, you have to deal with electrical signals. In many cases, you may need to calculate signal powerand energy. Power and energy for DC In a standard situation, when DC power supply is applied to a known resistor or another device like an LED, motor you can calculate its power very easy by applying Ohms law: If we rung this device for time T then we can calculate total energy used: In some cases, you may not know the resistance of your circuit. In this case, you can measure the current flow. So your power formula can be transformed by using same Ohms law:

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DIY a Realtime Web Based Power Charting By Yourself!

Since the recession has becoming even worse in this year, it’s time to cut off the unnecessary spending in our daily life! You might think that it’s easier said than done? Well, if you have the wills to do it, you can surely carry out the saving plan very well. Do you know that nearly 50% of the U.S households have been reported that they have an excessive high electrical consumption? The biggest cause of this problem is the lacking of electrical conservation knowledge. One of the most significant ways out for the following matter is by tracking and understanding power usage real-time. You can do it by turning off and unplug everything in the house, then went outside and counted how long it takes the power meter’s wheel to make one complete revolution/circulation. After it, you can turn on all the household appliances one at a time and re-timed a power meter wheel revolution. By this way, you’ll be able to convert the time differences into watts and get to know the power consumption of every appliance better! This realtime web based power charting is quite an easy task, where you can get it done less than one day!…

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