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USB Boost Single Multi Power Kit assembly

multiple power supply module connected

One of my projects (AVR DDS 2.0) requires multiple power supply that could supply +12V, -12V and 5V. Back then, I have constructed a simple transformer-based power source with few linear voltage regulators. It works fine but is powered from mains 220V which is not the safest solution to squeeze in to box enclosure. Another option was using ATX PC power supply, but it is too big. Banggood has been offering pretty attractive power supply kit which has a voltage boost circuit which rises voltage level either from USB or from the 5-24V jack. Power supply kit has most of the voltages that you may need including + 12V, -12V, + 5V, -5V, and +3.3V. It is capable to output 300mA per channel. Total power is limited to 10W which is not bad and can provide a short-term high current single output, but be sure to attach included heat sinks to protect ICs from overheating. It is advised to keep output currents of each channel to less than 0.2A.

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Just a Bloody Simple Negative Power Supply

Are you really frustrated at the time you’re cannot find the suitable and simple negative power supply when you need it the most? Well, isn’t doing an electronic project should be a fun test? You can immediately change the above unhappy moment into a joyful moment. How? Well, all you have to do is create the simple negative power supply for your own need! I’m know building a -5V from a battery is a little bit tough. For this problem, I’ve decided to build a small device, which it will provide either -5V, -12V or -15V easily.

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