Technologies That Fight Global Warming

Global warming is a significant threat to people and the earth. It is an increase in the earth’s surface air and the oceans. Earth now finds it difficult to breathe because of the concentration of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are essential to the earth’s environment. It effectively traps heat in the lower atmosphere and radiates the heat the planet needs. Without greenhouse gases, our earth’s temperature would be 0o F or -18oC instead of 57°F or 14°C. Are we aiding in the enhancement of the greenhouse gases or going against it and making it worse? Man has caused the most damage to greenhouse gases. Through the combustion of oil, coal, and gas, human activities have increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Pollution is the biggest human-made problem. Another main problem the cause of global warming is population. To fight global warming, scientists have found different ways to solve the problem. The use of technology in fighting global warming is one of the means to reduce global warming.

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