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Setting up CoIDE with GNU tools

For some time I’ve been using Codebench ARM GCC tools for developing software for ARM microcontrollers. As IDE I used plain Eclipse which I had to configure by myself. It worked pretty well, and there is nothing wrong with this. Anyway, sometimes it gets a little annoying to keep an eye on configurations and manual settings. So I decided to give a try CooCox IDE which claims to be free and open. It seems that already supports all the microcontrollers I like to use. Along to this change, I am also moving to a different GCC tool collection. Codebench free tools are great, but on another hand, there are some limitations. One of them is release times. They are releasing their free tools twice a year, so updates and other improvements cannot reach as fast as you’d expect. Another thing I am concerned – disabled hard float functionality. If you would like to ta take advantage of floating point unit in Cortex-M4, then you get stuck. If you are not using hardware floating point module, then this tool works fine, and you can stick with it. Anyway, I don’t like limitations, especially with free tools, so I am switching to…

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