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Driving LEDs with LPC2148 microcontroller

Couple years ago I have purchased LPC2148 development board called BlueBoard form ngxtexhnologes. It is quite powerful board with ATM7TDMI series microcontroller which is considered an old guy comparing to Cortex ones. But still these are widely used and are powerful. Development board has some handy features installed. 12MHz crustal allowing to run processor at full 60Mhz speed. Couple RS232 ports, VGA connector, PS/2 connector for keyboard or mouse, 20-pin JTAG, SD/MMC slot, USB B-type, 8 LEDs driven with serial-in parallel-out shift register, 2×16 LCD, buzzer, audio jack with amplifier, two programmable buttons and 256Kb of I2C interfaced EEPROM. Microcontroller itself has 512KB of internal flash and 32+8KB of RAM. All ports are accessible and any external hardware can be disconnected with jumpers. This is great board for prototyping and end application.

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Low cost and open LPC2148 development board launched

< p style=”margin-bottom: 0in; text-align: justify;”>NGX Technologies Bangalore, has launched a very low-cost and feature rich ARM7 evaluation/educational board. The product is named ‘BlueBoard-lpc2148’ and is based on the popular LPC214X series of ARM7 microcontrollers from NXP semiconductors. BlueBoard is an open-source initiative at realizing cost effective prototyping and solutions. Driven at present, by engineering and support from NGX Technologies, the board is provided with necessary interfaces for a quick realization of embedded solutions. Developed to evaluate the LPC214x series of processors, the board acts as a perfect platform to create and test your embedded applications. More details can be found at https://code.google.com/p/blueboard-lpc214x https://shop.ngxtechnologies.com The board is attractively priced at USD 42

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