Bit Band operations with ARM Cortex microcontrollers

I got few questions from our readers about the bit-band feature in ARM Cortex microcontrollers. It may seem to be a prominent topic, still may lead to come confusion while using bit-banding. So let’s look at this feature a little bit closer. Why use bit band? Simply speaking Bit banding method allows performing atomic bitwise operations to memory areas. Why use bit banding? The most straightforward answer is because ARM Cortex doesn’t have something like BIT CSET or BIT CLEAR commands like most of the 8-bit microcontrollers do. So this is somewhat a workaround solution. Another question may rise – Why not using the read-modify-write method? Again this method is not reliable in some cases. For instance, f there is an interrupt during this operation; it can cause data corruption. Other situation may occur in embedded OS when different tasks may modify the same memory location. So we want a method that allows setting or clear individual bits with a single instruction. This is where the bit band method helps.

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