Shelling The Intel 8-bit Hex File Format

Intel 8-bit Hex File Format is the most common hex file format used in the world as far as I know. There is also Motorola Hex file format and maybe other. Creating applications with AVR-GCC we usually select ihex output file format what means Intel hex file format. Lets go through it and see whats inside. It is simple as 6 and 6 (six and six), because each Hex file line consists of six parts. And there can be 6 record types in hex file. Lets go through all six parts of each line: Start code is always character ‘:’; Byte count takes one byte (hex pair) indicating a number of bytes in a data field of the lin. Usually there are 16 or 32 bytes of data in each line; Address takes two bytes (16 bits – four hex digits). Address shows the beginning of memory position for theā€¦

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