Strange Phenomena That Science Cannot Explain

There is a lot in the world lot that science can explain, just as there is a lot that science cannot explain. Today, we will look at a few things that science cannot explain. It has tried to, though.


Also known as “gut feeling,” it is something that science has failed to explain. Our gut feeling, though may be wrong at times, but they tend to guide us in the right direction. Psychology states that, as people, we subconsciously pick up information about the world around us. This, in turn, leads us to know something without knowing how we know it. That is why they always tell you to trust your gut.


Ghosts or spirits of the dead, whichever way it works, are things that we do not know whether they exist or not. That is because there is no exact proof that they exist, nor is there any evidence that they do not. We are not sure if the movie Ghostbusters or related Casinos in south Africa games have anything to do with this, though. Anyways this is another area where science has had to take a few feet back in silence.

Déjà vu

One of the most annoying yet fascinating things ever. Déjà vu is a French word that means “Already seen.” Many people have one or two instances where they have seen something happening, and they think it has happened before; that is déjà vu. Theories around déjà vu attribute it to glimpses of past lives. It’s like seeing yourself winning a  casino games online before you even play it . However, we will never really know what causes déjà vu and how it can be explained.

Mind and Body Connection

Yes, we know that there is biology that comes with all the human anatomy. However, the connection between the mind and the body still seems to be a mystery. Why? Because there is no exact explanation as to how it works. How it functions, yes, but the actual connection still needs a little bit of research. This would prove to be very difficult because you will be trying to figure someone out, yet figuring out yourself is already a mammoth task.

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