Spreadex Football Review

Spreadex is unique among UK bookmakers in that it provides both a fixed-odds sportsbook and a betting exchange, offering its customers a variety of excellent possibilities.


Some people who are new to spread betting may find this puzzling, but we are here to explain the distinctions and how they function on the Spreadex platform.

In this review, we will go through all of the important info you need to know about Spreadex Football.

Fixed odds and spread betting

Before getting started with Spreadex, make sure you understand the difference between spread betting and fixed odds since the bookmaker offers pricing on both.

Spread betting is a type of betting in which you either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ based on whether you believe the outcome of an event will be greater or lower than the spread. You are given a two-way market price, and if you feel the outcome will be higher, you buy; if you believe it will be lower, you sell.

The Spreadex fixed-odds sportsbook follows the same approach as all other online bookies in that you are provided the odds for each result and must choose which one you believe will occur.

If you wish to place a fixed-odds wager on Spreadex, you can do so by clicking the odds indicated under ‘back.’

It is critical that you look while placing your bets since pressing ‘Sell Buy’ implies you will be using their spread betting platform.

You should always be mindful that your losses when spread betting might surpass your investment.

Fixed-odds betting on Spreadex

First, we will go through Spreadex’s fixed-odds betting, which is similar to what you’d find at other online bookies.

When you sign up for Spreadex, you will be directed to the site’s homepage, where you can see all of the odds available for the various sports.

Spreadex’s primary menu is at the top and includes all of the most popular sports that most punters are looking for, such as horse racing and football.

For football, you may bet on the over/under, both sides to score, goalscorer markets, and more. The site also offers a variety of multiples, including accumulators, Lucky 15s, and Heinz bets.

Spread betting using Spreadex

Spreadex also offers spread betting on all major sports from across the world. When it comes to betting, there is horse racing, football, tennis, cricket, and American football to pick from.

The main difference between the spread betting service and fixed betting is largely that the horse racing markets are different.  The same is true in football, where there are over/under markets for goals, corners, and full-time outcomes.

What distinguishes Spreadex from other spread providers is the availability of additional specialist markets. These can include both the more obscure number of minutes in the game and the time of a team’s goal in the contest.

In-play betting, like sports betting, is a big element of spread betting, and Spreadex is outstanding at providing a terrific live experience on its platforms.

The odds shift fast. If there is a change ahead of your bet, you will be notified. The structure is designed to put the most popular live bets at the top of the app and to keep you up to speed on what’s going on in the event.

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