AWZ Screen Recorder Review: Feature-rich & Easy-to-use

With a wide array of desktop screen capture apps available, finding the right one can be a daunting task. It’s important to note that not all of these applications provide good value for money. Therefore, conducting thorough online research is essential in order to select the best one.

Factors such as features and price should be carefully considered in this decision-making process. Tired of searching and want a screen recorder that is simple, feature-rich, and affordable? Then you may be interested in AWZ Screen Recorder.

What is AWZ Screen Recorder?

AWZ Screen Recorder is one easy-to-use screen recording utility that can help users capture any details and actions on the screen. It offers a wide variety of recording modes to help users record streaming videos, webcams, 2D/3D games, online meetings/courses, and more. In addition, it also allows users to record audio and take screenshots. This software is a good choice for both professional content creators and individual users.

AWZ Screen Recorder

Key features of AWZ Screen Recorder

AWZ Screen Recorder has a user-friendly interface, which ensures that users can quickly navigate to the desired tool. It offers flexible recording options to meet different needs. Once you open the program, you will be able to set various parameters and start recording after just a few clicks.

AWZ Screen Recorder controls

Screen Recording

AWZ Screen Recorder makes video recording very easy. Users can record any part and anything on the screen and save the video in high quality.

  • It offers various options that allow users to record any part of the screen. Capture the entire screen, a specific region, a fixed window, a webcam only, a screen with audio/webcam, or even create a picture-in-picture video.
  • The software will capture the screen action in high-definition quality, ensuring that every pixel is clearly recorded.
  • The software provides a number of annotation tools for users to emphasize the key parts during the recording of the video. This is very useful for creating courseware or tutorials.
  • It provides 10 output recording formats for you to choose from. After recording, you can share the video on social media sites immediately.

Gameplay Recording

AWZ Screen Recorder also performs well in recording games. All you need to do is open the software, select the gameplay, and start recording.

  • It is able to record gameplay with clear audio and webcam footage. With its advanced capabilities, this screen recording software can capture the game sound and your expressive voice.
  • AWZ Screen Recorder effortlessly records your gaming videos in stunning 4K high resolution, fully preserving the original quality.

Audio Recording

AWZ Screen Recorder also facilitates high-quality audio recording. Users can select their preferred output mode (MP3, WAV, AAC…) before recording.

  • It is able to record system audio and microphone. You can record system audio only, audio from the microphone only, or both of them.
  • Don’t worry about being distracted by noise, the program can automatically block extraneous sounds and focus only on the sound you want to record, which ensures the quality of the audio.


In addition to video and audio recording, AWZ Screen Recorder can also help users take screenshots and modify the images.

  • It allows users to screenshot anything on the screen and perform actions while recording a video.
  • When taking a screenshot, you can add text, arrows, rectangles, ovals, and handwritten doodles to mark important content as needed.
  • The images can be saved to any image format – png, jpg, bmp, etc. In addition, the software allows you to easily edit and optimize the images with the tools you specify.


While the software offers convenience in terms of recording, it also has a significant drawback – it lacks the capability for advanced video editing. So far, users can only make simple edits to videos. For those who wish to enhance their videos even further should consider using professional video editing tools.

Everyone can use AWZ Screen Recorder’s free version and enjoy all its features. However, the free version export videos will be watermarked.

For those who need to record videos without a watermark, you may want to upgrade to the pro version. The price of this upgraded version is incredibly reasonable, especially when taking into account its user-friendly interface and wide range of capabilities.


AWZ Screen Recorder can help users to record high-quality videos and audio easily. The simple interface makes it easy for everyone to get started quickly. It simplifies the recording steps as much as possible to ensure a smooth recording. It may not be the best when it comes to video editing, but it’s definitely a top-notch choice when it comes to recording videos.

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