Skill-Based Slots | The Future of Online Gaming in 2021

Slots have always been amongst the most popular gambling game. For decades, they have also been considered a game of luck and, therefore, more suited to casual than skilled players. That was true until recently, when a new type of slot game emerged.

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The goal of the new type of slot games is to be based on skill rather than on luck alone. These types of slots are gaining popularity with new players, that love the game but want to make it different and become skilled in playing them.

What Are Skill-Based Slots?

The new and skill-based slot machines are a hybrid type of slot. Unlike the older version of the game, the one that we all know, these machines can be beat with skill and tactics. In this regard, this new type of slot game will more resemble poker or blackjack.

This means that the players will have the chance to expand and improve their skills while playing. Strategies and schemes can also help your chances of winning, which changes the nature of the game significantly.

How Do Skill-Based Slots Work?

These new slot machines are somewhat similar to the ones we’ve used to. However, the feature is an additional bonus round that requires skill to win. Once you enter into the skill-based portion of the game, you enter into a bonus game in which you can improve by practicing.

This means that a random number generator won’t decide the winner, and instead, the chance to win is up to you. Race games are considered among the most popular bonus and skill-based rounds so far, but there are others as well.

Are These Games a Gamble for The Casino?

Some may wonder – what’s in it for the casino? And that’s a fair question and probably a reason why more skill-based slots haven’t found their way to the gambling establishments. When it comes to the games based on the random number generator, the odds are stacked in favor of the casino.

However, when it comes to games based on skill, there’s no such advantage, and players can win as many turns as they can. That’s something some casinos will try to avoid. On the other hand, having new and fair games may be used to attract new players.

House has the advantage

It’s important to note that the house still has an edge when it comes to the chances of winning. This is the case for all casino games, and it will be the case with skill-based games. Bonus rounds based on skill aren’t the only part of the game, and the majority mostll depends on the random number generator.

When it comes to the skill-based bonus level, the players get a chance to prove their skill, and that’s where the advantage can turn in favor of the player – that’s also where the excitement is.

Can You Make Money Playing Skill-Based Games?

The biggest concern for the players isn’t about the fairness of the game or how it will affect the casino. It’s about how much they can earn while playing these games. Skill-based games don’t come with a guarantee that you’re going to win.

However, there’s a feeling that there’s more control in the hands of the player. That’s because, after a while, you’re going to master the bonus levels and get better at them as time goes by.

Gambling and Entertainment?

This is a chance for the gambling and slot machine industry to blur the line between gaming and gambling. Games are a prevalent form of entertainment and one that’s mainly aimed at a young audience. On the other hand, gambling wants to become a part of that market and open itself to it.

There is also potential when it comes to players distinguishing themselves as the best in the game. This is the approach to gambling that most casinos want to turn to.

Things Are Just Getting Started?

There are often trends in the gambling industry, and they tend to come and go, as is the case with most trends in any field. However, it doesn’t seem that the turn towards skill-based gambling in slot machines is just a trend. It appears to be a natural and essential change that’s here to stay.

That’s because new and younger players are turning to these sorts of slots which means that the new gambling demographic is going. Young players are behind the turn to mobile and online gambling and the use of new payment methods, and the casinos are adapting to fit these needs as well.


Skill-based slots are making their way into the gambling industry, and they are becoming more popular with both the players and the casinos. These games are similar to traditional slot games, but they have a bonus level in which the results depend on the skill and knowledge of the player.

Within these bonus levels, the table favors the player, making sure that their skills are the reason they are winning. This is a meaningful change and one that is especially popular with younger players. Some casinos are a bit hesitant when introducing these games, but it seems to be the future.

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