Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India

Machine Learning: The use and development of computer systems that can learn and adapt without following explicit instructions, by using algorithms and statistical models to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the computer’s ability or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that humans usually do because they require human intelligence and discernment.

Machine Learning is a precursor which helps create use cases for Artificial Intelligence such as Intrusion Detection, Image recognition, or categorizing data. The combination of both ML and AI has a great potential to shape the future of all technological innovations.

Using AI and ML, the technology has the potential to get into multiple verticals in India such as:

Factories and Organisations in India

India has a lot of factories and organizations running. There are a lot of safety regulations and procedures in place for employees within the premises. However, accidents/incidents are more or less a regular occurrence and continue to be a major challenge for all employers. Using technology can prevent a lot of accidents from happening in these organizations at a great rate. It helps in reducing the loss incurred by those incidents/accidents and human lives. Also, educate the employees in understanding the AIML concepts and their features by providing them training or asking them to take up online AIML courses to enhance their skills.

Retail Sector

The Retail sector for India is growing exponentially. Along with this, the market size of all Retail chains is increasing as well. Having details of all the activities happening around, people coming in/out, demographics of people, etc., could add great value to this sector using AI technology. It would help understand the market in detail with these data in place.

Education Sector

As India is growing with the literacy rate and becoming serious about education, AI can bring a potential change in whole learning methodologies. Using AI and ML, we can understand the needs of particular subjects and can customize the course for a different set of students. Also, it’d help students learn well with their respective interests.

Also, the subject for AI and ML can be included in the course curriculum, and one can also take up AI courses, Basics of Python, etc. It’d help students learn these technologies from the beginning, which will help them clear the Artificial Intelligence certification later.

Job Opportunities

You can learn machine learning online offered by top educators like Great Learning, Udemy, Coursera to enhance your skills. A couple of companies want AI certification as an eligibility criterion for the Jobs as well. With multiple possibilities in AI and ML, many job opportunities also come into the picture. There are multiple roles for this technology available:

AI Engineer – AI Engineers are responsible for building, testing, and deploying the AI models. They also maintain the infrastructure of AI solutions. Mostly, problem-solving skills are the important factor for their role where they can easily navigate between traditional software development and machine learning implementations.
Salary Range:

AI Engineers salary
Source: payscale

Machine Learning Engineer – This is one of the most in-demand professionals in Data Science. They are responsible for designing and implementing ML algorithms to interpret meaningful insights from large complex data.

Salary Range:

Machine Learning Engineer salary
Source: payscale

Artificial Intelligence Specialist – They are mostly responsible for developing operating software that can be used for Robots or other artificial intelligence applications.
Salary Range:

Artificial Intelligence Specialist salary
Source: payscale

Data Scientist – This is the most demanding profession and trending role in India currently. Data Scientists majorly gather, analyze and interpret sets of unstructured data with Machine Learning technology. They need extensive experience in Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics. Analytics plays an important role when it comes to understanding the insight into data.
Salary Range:

Data Scientist salary
Source: payscale

Business Intelligence Developer – This role takes care of analyzing the complex data sets to identify upcoming business and market trends in the Industry. They improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the overall Business by designing, modeling, and maintaining complex data in highly accessible data platforms.

Salary Range:

Business Intelligence Developer salary
Source: payscale

Learning AI and ML has become quite reachable with online courses available in the market such as AIML online courses for beginners, Python for AIML, etc

These are the few important verticals for India which can be improved using these two technologies. As India is being developed and currently has leading technologies in multiple sectors, it’d be great to enhance the methodologies using both AI and ML technology.


The broad spectrum of Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc., spells out the scope for AI in India. In reality, Artificial Intelligence’s application across industries ranges from innovations like smart personal assistants, gaming, robotics, IoT, face recognition software, speech recognition, vision recognition to recommendation engines, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence-backed mechanics and operations facilitate the management of various spaces with lower risks, and this is what is steering its demand forward. Government sectors like Education, Agriculture, and Healthcare are welcoming the use of AI-backed innovations to benefit the masses. Even private businesses are enthusiastic about the unique advantages that AI applications offer in terms of Chatbots, NLP or Natural Language Processing, Business Process Automation(BPA), Image Recognition, etc. All these factors provide enough reasons for freshers or professionals alike to upskill themselves in this technology.


When we talk about the combined scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India, it is essential to recognize its application in medical segments to track the spread of the virus, contact tracing, and also analytics for a cure. Experts have predicted that as the vicious circle of economic downturn sets in, the demand for AI and Machine Learning professionals is set to have a rise in India in the upcoming years. This is a positive indicator of the scope of ML and AI in India.

Recently, businesses have seen a massive unraveling of the AI and ML phenomena as they have discovered the possibilities of their application in various fields. For example, researchers started using ML to gain insights into the recent global pandemic that brought the world to a standstill.

Several IT professionals aspire to build a career in AI and ML technologies and search for ways to up-skill and become AI and ML experts. Even when the country looked at a massive trend of job losses, jobs in ML and AI were least affected. Businesses are already on the patch to create more robust virtual work environments leading to heightened demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning professionals.

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