Reasons Why You Need Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement in Fremont CA

Did you know your home can get flooded just by an aircon leaking? According to experts in the business, they see this all the time. This informative article will give you more information about this common issue in an establishment or at home.

dirty air conditioning filter

When there is a sudden flow of water that hits your floors or your basement or attic, it can scare most people away, and they would usually call a plumber. However, there could be many reasons for this water, and plumbing may not be it.

A failing air conditioning system is most likely the culprit, in which case you should call the HVAC services to come to check it out sooner rather than later. There could be more than one reason for a system not working, some of which have been mentioned online, and others we will discuss below.

 To make sure it is the coolant in the HVAC system, there are a few things to pay heed to.

Things That Can Point to A Failing AC System

If you are not sure where the water is coming from, below are a few things to check:

  1. An uneven cooling status in most rooms. Rooms that are the farthest from the cooling system need to be the coolest but, in some cases, aren’t. This is often an indication that the system is faulty.
  2. You don’t feel cooler in the warmer weather, and you don’t feel warm in the cooler weather either. All you can feel coming out of the AC is room temperature air.   
  3. If you get a strange smell or two coming out from the vents, it time to take a look and possibly get the unit cleaned out or the vents and coolant changed.        
  4. If you can hear sounds emitted from the system that wasn’t there before, such as squeaking, knocking, or hissing noises.
testing HVAC system

Common Problems with HVAC Systems

Most experienced technicians will tell you there are a few common issues that these units can face no matter how well they have been looked after or how new they may be. So, what are these? We look at them below.

Filters Are Old or Dirty

One of the most important things you can do for your health and those around these units is to get the filters changed regularly. These items breed germs and bacteria, and when they get old, they can cause an array of health issues because you are breathing in dirty air. This article can tell you more about this:

A Lack of Upkeep

If yours is old, it will need more maintenance than a newer model. Regularly scheduling a check or clean up to replace both the coolant or the vents will keep your going strong for a long time. As we know, getting these units completely replaced with a new one can, in some cases, be more expensive than paying for regular maintenance.

Certified service contractors are usually available in your local area and can help do these checks for you. Lack of upkeep will have a direct effect on your energy bills and poor performance of the system.

One of the most common causes of respiratory diseases is dirty units with dirty filters that stop filtering the air coming into your homes or offices, which means all the dirt and dust are breathed directly into your lungs.

A Tripped Breaker or Blown Fuse Issue

One of the other common issues that people tend to overlook easily is at fault with the fuse. A fuse is responsible for letting the cables’ energy or electricity reach the plug and system efficiency. Sometimes they short-circuit, and other times they don’t work. This is a simple swap outdone by companies like Fuse specialists in Fremont, who can remove the old one and put in a new and working one.

When the blower overworks, this can mean it uses up more energy, leading to a tripped circuit breaker. Anything that works twice as hard to make sure it runs affects the energy outcome adversely and should be checked and replaced. Most electronics should not overwork; this is when fires and electricity issues arise.

These service technicians can also make sure the thermostat is calibrated properly and set the temperatures correctly, thereby killing two birds with one stone instead of calling separate services.

AC repair

Mechanical Wear and Tear

This could also be a big issue for some. \certain types of units are more susceptible to mechanical failure than others. It usually is what no one has heard of or made in countries where mechanics isn’t their forte. Choose the reputable name brand options to avoid this happening to yours.

As these units have numerous mechanical components, they are at risk of ailing and can go through normal wear and tear. When these units are checks, the technicians include the oiling bearings ad motors as well.

Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is one of the most important components of these air conditioners, and without them, there would be no cool air or warm air for you. This is why it is important to make sure it works 100% of the time. Sometimes they are faulty, while other times when the installation company slots them in, they do not calibrate them properly, which can cause some internal faults.

Some thermostats are programmable and may come with batteries, in which case they need to be replaced. This should never be done yourself, but rather by a service technician.

Maintaining any electronic unit such as this does not need to be complicated, and here are some further tips for you. Getting AC units checked regularly is always the best responsibility to take on to keep everything running smoothly, including fewer costs and fewer hassles.

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