Reasons to Move to Singapore

Singapore is the business hub of Asia. The tiny island-state off the Malayan peninsula, Singapore, is considered one of the world’s most highly developed nations alongside countries like Australia, Canada, the U.S., and the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a country where you can live a high-quality life and enjoy all modern amenities, it has got to be Singapore. Read on to learn some of the most important reasons why you should move to Singapore. 


Enjoy The Highest Quality Life

Singapore is a city-state with a very high Human Development Index. It has a well-developed infrastructure in place with all modern amenities available to its citizens. You can enjoy a high quality of life with a world-class healthcare system in place. Singapore provides the best quality education to kids, and it has some top tourist attractions in the world for the entertainment and recreation of the entire family. If you are desirous of high standards of living, there is no better palace for you in the whole of Asia than Singapore.

Singapore Welcomes Tech Personnel

If you are a technically qualified individual, moving to Singapore has been made easier for you by Singapore’s government. To attract top-tier technical personnel, Singapore Government has announced launching a scheme called Tech. Pass. This new pass in SG to attract successful tech executives is expected to meet the shortfall in the numbers of skilled tech personnel in Singapore. The validity of this visa pass for skilled personnel in cybersecurity, E-commerce, and other technical fields will be 2 years, with a provision for extension. 

singapore street

Low Crime Rates

Singapore is a very safe country to live and work with your family. The rule of law is supreme here, with a robust and stable political system in place. All citizens are equal in the eyes of the government, with no tilt towards any particular religion. Singapore boasts a solid legal system with a tight vigil on corruption. Residents enjoy a high sense of security with meager crime rates and a smart policing system in place. While Singapore is one of the most expensive cities globally, citizens also enjoy a very high per capita income close to those in rich western countries. 

Pro Business Environment

Singapore is a haven for investors and business people because of its stable political system and peaceful environment. Companies can recruit top talent because of the highly skilled workforce available in the country. Singapore occupies 2nd rank in the list of the countries for ease of doing business. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that most Fortune 500 companies have their offices in Singapore. Moreover, if you are also interested in working in Singapore, then check this work permit guide.

Warm Climate and Super Efficient Public Transportation

You don’t need to worry about freezing temperatures when moving to Singapore. It is located close to the equator, with temperatures remaining close to 85 degrees Fahrenheit all round the year. Another great advantage of moving to Singapore is the wonderful public transportation here. You will not need to own a car here as public transportation is smooth and highly efficient.

Singapore is a top tourist destination for the world and a place to live and enjoy a high quality of life. The new Tech Pass announced by the EDB adds to the already long list of reasons to move to Singapore.  Live and experience high standards of living in this highly developed Asian city-state of the Malayan peninsula.

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