Reasons to Major in Computer Science

Mastering computer science is essential as it is essential in many aspects of your life. It gives necessary skills for solving complex problems, building great applications that can bring high earnings, provide an advantage on the job application. Even if your future career is not computer related, having those skills will make your life much more comfortable. Mastering computer science is an excellent investment. Why not start writing the college application essay and begin studying computer science in the college of your choice. Let’s go through several points where majoring computer science may help you significantly.

Major in Computer Science

Getting a dream job and making more money

Computer science graduates are most likely to get well-paying jobs. There are plenty of fields where programming, technical skills are required. The more complicated problems you can solve, the better position you can be pretending. Starting salary for computer science specialists starts from $60-$70 and goes up significantly once things get going. There is a massive demand for IT specialists. Usually, students graduate already having work and contracts.

Building your own business

Many computer science graduates see more opportunities in earning a fortune by building their own business. There are endless ways of using skills. Simplest is to develop your software for different devices, including PCs, mobile phones, or specialized hardware.

Another popular way is to build an online business and offer services. There are lots of niches where you can fit in and cash great money. Don’t start with massive projects right away, but instead find smaller-scale projects that have demand and don’t get in the way of large corporations. This way, you will have more chances to succeed. Later on, with experience, you may jump into more extensive projects.

Starting your own business using computer science skills doesn’t require huge investments. It can be as little as a single computer and internet connection. The majority of freelancers are working and making a good income using simple set-ups at home.

Working on exciting projects

Majoring in computer science opens the gate to exciting new problems. Data mining, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks can be applied to many areas. Some exciting artificial intelligence areas could be involved in robotics, business processes, medical decision support systems, agriculture, space, military, and more. Making more automated and self-aware systems, you can save millions of dollars for large corporations, which would lead to your high earnings and satisfaction in results.

With widespread of powerful mobile devices, there is a tremendous opportunity in building lifesaving applications that would help in the detection of possible diseases. Most of the mobile devices are capable of monitoring heart rate, pressure, posture, motion. Possibilities are endless since the whole smartphone ecosystem is already established.

Learning new stuff

Computer science keeps you on the edge of new exciting technologies. After education, the path begins. What you knew yesterday might differ from what you need to know today. There are always new challenges that need to be solved, and so new technologies are built to help to solve them. Besides programming and developing, you may need to be good enough in other fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine. For instance, biomedical engineering may require some essential or even more in-depth knowledge about the disease you are predicting with machine learning algorithms.

You will need to follow tech news, social media, and big companies to stay up to date with the latest and greatest software, hardware, gadgets, and algorithms. If you run a company, this is the only way to understand best practices that you can assign to your team. Be prepared for constant learning. It’s challenging but yet exciting.

Future opportunities in computing

It is hard to predict what lies in the future regarding computing. New technologies emerge as we speak, and this is only a matter of imagination that’s next. Artificial intelligence, big data technologies raise problem-solving to the new levels. With increasing computing power, lots of things become possible. 5G is arriving with lots of exciting potential in the field of IoT.

Final word

We only touched a few points on the benefits of majoring computing science. No secret – it is hard and intense science to study and keep up. But all that effort rewards with lots of exciting opportunities to work with high technologies when solving different problems. Study computing if you want to make a positive difference in the world.

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