PUBG Mobile: Advanced strategies to win like a pro

Millions of people play, download, and play PlayerUnknown Battleground. So, if you’re also a part of the club and now searching for pro strategies, we got you covered. The truth is that the game is fast-paced and highly violent due to the gameplay. Well, it is a Battle Royale, so we can’t expect anything less. 

PUBG Mobile

But winning can sometimes be tricky and challenging. Many players are deploying to the battleground and also aiming for survival to be the last man standing. If you want to win, you must fight with tricks, strategies, and pubg hacks to ensure your win. 

So, let’s help you with those strategies to win the game like a professional. 

Advanced PUBG Strategies 

1. Practice with different guns

Every game requires consistent practice to be good at it. But, when we say practice for PUGB, we want you to focus on the guns available to use in the game. Try many of them out to get a feel of it. But make sure you master the gun you want and also learn how its recoil system works. This knowledge will help you to use it professionally and survive the most dangerous confrontations too. 

2. Choose a great landing spot.

The spot you choose to land when the game begins should be a place where you can find great items to loot but with fewer confrontations. One knowledge you need for this is the map. When you study it, you can identify the spots with goodies but away from hot zones where others choose. If you get such a place, you can loot great items and maybe face a few enemies. The truth is that you need to avoid intense gunfights until you’re ready to face them. Many people die fast in the game for their careless landing. 

3. Choose important attachments 

Winning a battle royale game is not a simple feat. The desperation of other players to kill and loot you can keep you on edge. That’s why you need to enhance your gun with major attachments that will work to your advantage. For instance, you will need a suppressor, flash hiders, extended bullet or mag loop, etc., for your gun. Flash hiders keep your bullet flash invisible to the enemy. The importance is to protect your location from sneaky players. The suppressor on its own helps to muffle the bullet echo or the sound of your firing gun. Also, the thing is that it reduces the recoil of your gun by 25%, which can help you to shoot more. But in the game, it’s best to muffle the sounds so that you won’t give up your position. So, if you find a suppressor first, you’ve landed a jackpot. 

4. Avoid the circle center.

There are lots of spots to loot in the circle center. But there are many enemies with deadly weapons and desperation for a fight. So, we will prefer you stick to the edge of the circle for some time before asking for trouble. In PUBG Mobile, you don’t necessarily need to kill the other players singlehandedly to emerge the winner. All you want to assure yourself is to be the last man standing. So, stay away from the center, go to the edge and hide whenever necessary. But make sure you’re checking the blue zone to make sure it doesn’t close with you. With your timer, which you shouldn’t ignore, it will be easy to avoid danger if you want to be safer, wearing a blue dress to blend in with the edge and kill unsuspecting enemies. 

5. Put Unusable cars to use 

This strategy will work superbly if you’re playing the game as a squad. Another thing is if you know where the next white zone will be. If these conditions are met, then it’s time to be tricky. If you predict that there will be a bridge crossing to avoid the island forces, use cars to hide and kill many enemies as they cross the bridge. Your squad can gather many cars by the bridge to create a good hiding place. Once there, the enemies will never suspect your presence as they’ll be focused on leaving the island. 

5. Destroy cars to create cover

This is tricky but also effective. Destroying a car and using it as a cover is great because you can dodge many bullets and peek at the undiscovered enemies. Another way to use the car is using your flare gun to get a bulletproof UAV. That car will help you to escape deadly confrontation at least until an enemy fires it with 7.62mm bullets. 


PlayerUnknown BattleGround is violent and deadly. The desperation and heat might be too much if you play unprepared. This is why we’ve uncovered these advanced strategies to win the game. So, if you’re aiming to be the last man standing, use them and get proven hacks to play better.

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