Programming microcontrollers AduC70xx using boot-loader and ARMWSD utility

Firmware for AduC70xx ARM microcontrollers can be uploaded using a built-in boot-loader. To work with boot-loader, Analog Devices offer a small free program, ARMWSD working under the windows system. The program doesn’t require installation. ARMED communicates with AduC70xx via COM-port. Simple programming steps looks like this:

  • Connect target board to PC COM port;
  • Go to Configure->Parts and select AduC part:
ARMWSD configure
  • Then go to Configure->Comms and select serial port and baud rate:
select serial port and baud rate
  • Select other settings if needed (Mass erase, Program, Verify, Protect) in Configure->Flash menu;
  • Press OK to get to the main window again. Browse for hex file – only hex files are supported in this program. When you are set, then press the Start button – The program starts waiting for boot-loader action:
waiting for boot-loader action
  • Now you have to start boot-loader on your target board. As you know, entering boot-loader needs some procedure to be done. Manually you have to press the button “Download” connected to the BM pin, then power on board and rapidly press and release the “Reset” button and then release the “Download” button; after this, AduC70xx enters boot-loading mode and downloads the hex file.
"Reset" button

Program is simple but it does the job.

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  1. No option given for programming ADUC7060 in the ARMWSD programming tool. I need this tool to program ADUC7060.

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