Prevent File Corruption: 4 Simple Ways to Repair a PDF File

During this pandemic, there has been a great adjustment to how we get through our day-to-day activities. One, in particular, is the adjustment in education. Since the classes have shifted online, most of their mode of instruction and submissions are PDF files.

A PDF called a ‘portable document format’ is a compressed file format used to avoid data loss or loss of quality. We use PDFs to save files that are difficult to modify but easy to share and print. In this day and age, the use of PDF files has been widespread. It is also common for PDF files to be corrupt from time to time, which drives you crazy. In this article, we will be focusing on how to repair PDF files. And how to prevent them from being corrupted/damaged.

How to Repair a PDF File?

1. Online PDF Repair

Nowadays, many websites offer services like repair PDF file tools, and fortunately, some of these sites are free. It is a quick process that can be done within a couple of minutes. This process is straightforward and user-friendly. The first thing to do is to access their website. Next is to upload or drag the file to the space provided. Then wait for the system to analyze it and click Repair. It is also important to note that these websites also have an offline version, and you can download it through their website.

2. Offline PDF Repair Software

Some people may not be able to access the internet, but no need to worry. One way we can repair your corrupted PDF file is through third-party offline PDF software. Software developers such as Adobe have been developing programs that could help their users repair their corrupted files. Most programs differ from each other, but, they have their instruction or tutorials that will guide you through. Such programs are already available for download.  Although it’s not free, its features and usability make it worth it.

3. PDF File Conversion

Converting a PDF file to a Word file may seem like an improper way of repairing the PDF file, but this method can help you recover some essential components from the PDF file. This component includes images, graphs, texts, tables, and more. For converting the corrupted file into a Word file, you can use online websites or offline alternatives such as PDF Escape.

4. Restoring Previous File Version

Rather than repairing the file, it restores the previous file version on the computer. Operating systems like Windows 10 have a backup utility that comes in handy when there is abrupt power loss. To restore the file, you need to locate the file on your computer and then Right-click on the file. Then, you will need to select Restore previous versions from the options.

How to Prevent PDF Files From Being Corrupted?

1. Backup Your Data

Thousands of computer viruses infect Windows and Android devices every year. If you do not have sufficient protection, your files and data may be prone to attack; and may lead to corruption and damage to your files. To prevent your files from being corrupted, always backup your data. You can use online storage programs or manually save them on your external hard drive or USB drive.

2. Download Your PDF files properly

Sometimes, the Internet can fluctuate from time to time if there is an unstable connection. If you download your PDF files while you have unstable connectivity, it can lead to files being damaged or corrupted. That is why it is important to check your downloads by opening them and checking the PDF file page by page.

3.  Be Patient When Transferring Files

Another scenario where files are susceptible to corruption is through file transfer, particularly from your computer to a USB drive or cable. If you eject your USB improperly or ejected the USB while the file is being transferred, there would be a big chance that your PDF file would be corrupted. To prevent the file from being damaged, you need to be patient in transferring your files and always check it on your USB if it is working by opening and checking its contents.

4. Turn on the Computer’s Backup Utility Program

Improper system shutdowns due to power failure or system error can be very irritating when modifying some PDF files. This also includes disruption of file downloads or file transfer. When facing this kind of scenario, the only thing you could hope for is that the backup utility is turned on and that you can restore the AutoSaved file from your computer.


As the world adapts because of this pandemic, many community sectors are trying to cope as well. This includes the education sector, where they opted to go online for the safety of their constituents. And as educators and students go online, the use of PDF files has become a standard.

In using PDF files, you need to know multiple methods of repairing or restoring corrupted PDF files. This is to ensure that you will have a higher chance of being able to repair your file. This article has provided most of the reasons why and possible ways to prevent a PDF file from being corrupted, and we hope this information could help you repair and recover your data quickly.

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