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Build and run your own trading platform for suppliers of goods and services. Use the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade to get around competitors at the start.

Best marketplace platform is your own marketplace platform

Ecommerce development remains a profitable area of online business. Internet shopping attracts an inexhaustible number of companies and individuals. However, owners of commercial websites notice that buying audience is already heavily oversaturated with the constant stream of “lucrative” offers on the Internet. It’s time for new solutions for the extension, source distribution, bringing suppliers, and gaining benefits.

The online marketplace platform is the best format for working in eCommerce today. And tomorrow multi-vendor platforms will not stop attracting customers. So, more and more wholesalers and dropshipping distributors will work with multi-user shopping sites to sell, resale, and rent a variety of products. The best b2b solution now is to launch your customizable online marketplace with the ready-made software from Marketplace Experts, and the best software is


The current ecommerce is based on the market of many participants

The best marketplace platform can be compared to a large multi-story building. Each room is a separate shop that provides its customers with certain items (this can be clothing, cosmetics, furniture, gadgets, property, or qualified services) and provides shipping on purchases. Any company or private entrepreneur can rent a room in the building and hang up his label on the door. The building has an owner who manages it. This owner provides hosting for free or on their terms. And he gets a profit every time there is a process of selling any merchandise.

This is how the marketplace works. And you can create, design, and manage it with great profit. Depending on your previous experience and the theme you are interested in, your multi-vendor store will be relevant to one of the categories:

  • Product marketplace is a platform that allows to sell material goods and send it to customers. Can support drop shipping and wholesale trade both. This, in tandem with services like, makes using ebay for business purposes simple.
  • Service marketplace is a market where various professionals offer their services to customers. Services can include education, transportation, cleaning, cooking, events organizing, etc.
  • Digital marketplace is a platform where each peer can download the product of its intellectual activity (applications, music, images, games, program codes, etc.) and become a seller of this product.

Any of these marketplaces can function in the form of a website and mobile application to provide users with maximum comfort. The most successful platforms come from the US (eBay, Amazon, AppStore) and China (AliExpress, But you can create your own top marketplace because you have such a great builder as the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade.


Online Marketplace Software by Rademade to achieve success from scratch

Ecommerce leaders have proved that the creation of multi-trading platforms brings еру maximum profit. Studies show that the peak of demand for this kind of business will be observed in the coming years. Hundreds of millions of people around the world will make purchases of goods and services in marketplaces. This demand will lead to the rapid growth of new businesses. Take advantage of the moment and create an online marketplace platform as soon as possible.

Building a marketplace from scratch will pay off many times, but first, it will require large investments. Neither WordPress, Magento, nor other open cart systems for lending development are suitable for this task. You will have to hire developers, pay them a fee for each script and fix errors at a time when you could work. Or act smarter: use the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade. Each plugin of this OMS corresponds to the tasks of the best marketplace platform.

OMS Admin panel

When working with saas, developed by the team of market experts Rademade, you will be able to select the module for geolocation, correspondence, rating. You will not need to think about how to combine all important functions of cms in one MVP. Just buy, configure and run the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade to test your eCommerce ideas and make sure of their success.

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