New technologies for online gambling in 2021

The casino industry has developed greatly since the pandemic. Big changes in 2020 prompted the move to a completely different process of playing online casinos. Modern casinos want to provide more comfort to their customers and favorably distinguish themselves from others, and therefore they are actively introducing and using new technologies. It is important to know about new technologies in gambling in 2021 to be always on the lookout.

With virtual and augmented reality, you can “teleport” to any hot gambling destination on Earth. (Image Credit:

After moving to online platforms, casinos began to improve their activities to provide maximum comfort for visitors. Informational portal KamiKajino outlined some of the most prominent tendencies below.

The new era in gambling: 2021 technologies

  • The most important topic for gambling today is security in online games. Security is the most important thing because no one wants to sacrifice their personal information. Online casinos have started introducing two-factor authentication to improve security. Buying licenses from government authorities or other famous institutions add more popularity and honor for online casinos. Having a license means that the casino is safe and monitored and also audited several times a year. Best online casinos need to have a completely secure system of deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, casinos started to use the highest level of SSL certification;
  • By the way, in 2021, online casino games are expected to be available on Apple and Android platforms. This will improve the security level of the casinos that will be presented there. Moreover, this means that casinos become completely legal. We expect these innovations to appear in 2021;
  • Virtual reality technologies are becoming more and more popular in online casinos. This is due to the introduction of quarantine measures in 2020. However, these measures are already being relaxed. But online games have proven forever that they are more convenient to play, so virtual games came to replace reality;
  • Casinos without registration are also becoming more and more popular because of their simplicity and fast, quality service. The gambling industry has provided a great opportunity for players to gamble right on the website. This made it easier and safer for players to play their favorite games without revealing any personal login details;
  • The specificity of blockchain technology ensures the high speed and security of money transactions, which is why it will become viral in 2021. Cryptocurrency has radically changed certain directions in the gambling segment. In some countries, where there is strict control over currency transactions, players have the opportunity to use casino services without risks and fears about the impossibility of withdrawing their funds from the account. According to forecasts, cryptocurrency will remain a part of the gambling industry in the future, and blockchain technologies will forever change the world of gambling;
  • Gamification is becoming an integral part of the casino industry. This is a whole system that studies the creation of an additional interactive element. Thus, many tournaments, quests, and bonus rounds in casinos will begin to appear in 2021, which will make gamblers happy. There are already many informational portals devoted to assembling information about such bonuses, like
  • The rise of cybersport is expected. The reason for the popularity of cybersport is access to cheap computer tablets and other equipment. More and more people are started to compete in betting and online gambling;
  • In recent times, sports betting is playing the biggest role in online gambling. Players place bets on their favorite sports, such as football, volleyball, and so on. We predict that people will prefer sports betting rather than going to the physical outlets;
  • We also expect the legalization of online casinos in countries like the United States and New Zealand. The future is even brighter for the online casino industry, with citizens having more spending capabilities.

New technologies introduced into the gambling industry have led to intensive development of the industry. The casino owners don’t want to stop and continue to figure out how to diversify the industry. We expect many changes in 2021 that will make using the casino and betting more enjoyable in the game.

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