New STM32F103ZET6 development board with 3.2″ TFT Touch LCD

The latest development board has just arrived. I thought it would be nice to push things more towards the ARM cortex-M3 playground.


This an STMicroelectronics STM32F103ZET6 ARM Cortex – M3 MCU based development board with a 3.2” Touch LCD screen. This is a high – density performance line 32 -bit MCU featuring internal 512K of FLASH memory, 64K of RAM. It is rich in peripherals like USB, CAB, 11 timers, 3ADC, and many communication interfaces. The microcontroller seems to be powerful enough to run quite intensive tasks, but more memory is populated on board. Additionally, there are:

  • 512K SRAM module;
  • 128M NAND FLASH;
  • 2M serial Flash;
  • 2K 24LC02 EEPROM;
  • 2xSD card slots (on board and on LCD expansion).

There also is a high-speed CAN transceiver MCP2551chip with a connector for easy access. Also, there are two channels of USART populated, RS485, USB, beeper, 5 LEDs, 4 keys, 3 ADC, 2 PWM, and 2 DAC screw terminals. Board can be powered from several sources selected by jumpers: external 5V, USB power, or JLink power.

All MCU pins are populated through standard pitch leads 2.54mm.

This wouldn’t be fun without 3.2” color LCD with touch screen.

STM32F103ZET6 development board with 3.2" TFT Touch LCD

Board came with preloaded demo software that demonstrates μC/GUI capabilities. There are some attempts to port Linux for this board as well. Right now, I would like to set up a FreeRTOS port for it and do some initial demos.

If you are looking for one – you can get them cheap from an eBay.


  1. John Honniball

    Do you know what resolution the LCD screen is?

  2. It’s a 65K color , 320*240 resolution, 3.2 inch TFT LCD screen (Controller: IL9320) with touch screen (The touch IC: ADS7843)

  3. How do we start programming this development board?
    I don’t find it’s user manual.

  4. Soon there will be few posts on programming these.

  5. it would be very nice to explain the touch and lcd communication.

  6. Do you have documentation DVD in english? I bought this one on, but my documentation is in chinese :).

  7. Well not all. datasheets are English. Code examples are in EN. Some folders are Chinese but most of contents are EN. Few Chinese documents are here but they don’t seem very important like JLink usaga or terminal usage. Or is it all documents in your CD Chinese?

  8. I read only files in folders “schematic” and “user manual” yet and most of these files here is in chinese. But you are right, example codes and most of datasheets are in english. So now i thing, that my DVD is a “standart” version. Thanks for quick reply.

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