Logo and its value. YouTube Logo. History and evolution

Just at the beginning, I would go as far as to say that logos have been around since ancient times and have undergone many massive changes in the development process. Humans have learned to recognize objects and people, make associations and synthesize information through the perception of visual images. Nowadays, almost 90 percent of the totality of information is perceived by people visually. That is why logos are so important for the successful existence and popularization of companies.

Youtube Logo

In the history of many civilizations, signs, symbols, cave drawings, and pentagrams are undeniable. People built communication with each other thereby. Since the most ancient times, people have given distinctive meaning to symbols and put into cave drawings certain ideas. Modern logos have come from these signs and symbols because the logo is a kind of substitute word.

A logo is a unique graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to recognize a brand. It is a crucial element in the corporate identity of a company, organization, product, or even sports team. As a rule, a logo as a brand mark must not be complicated or intricate. However, it should be taken into account that it is more than just a nice and terrific picture.

It must be admitted that creating their own product, entrepreneurs are convinced a logo is essential and required. But unfortunately, some businessmen don’t fully understand why.  A logo is, first and foremost, a trademark easily associated by people with a particular brand.

So why do we need a logo? Especially, a logo should be as associative as possible, arousing only positive emotions and feelings. It is, in fact, the first time that consumers get to know your brand and company.  A well-crafted logo helps to differentiate you from your competitors.  What’s more, not every company has its own logo. If a company is focused on quality and customer trust, an entrepreneur has to have it.

Undoubtedly, a logo plays a significant role in making any product unusual, adding some kind of distinctive sign to it, and thereby singularity and aesthetic.

If the logo is memorable, almost anyone who sees it will be able at least briefly to tell his or her friend about this logo. He will merely mention what this logo looks like, and in the meantime, your product will successfully become more popular.

The increase in production volumes of various products and the introduction of mechanization have caused a sharp spread in demand for logos. This situation was due to the desire of companies to stand out from competitors and gain a firm foothold in the market.

And the thing that comes particularly strongly is the first modern logos had a direct connection with the developing system of patent rights. Since then, the logo has been widely distributed along with commodity and corporate branding, which later became a separate part of the history of human culture.

As for logos on the Internet, the modern Internet includes an innumerable number of sites and apps. The Internet is evolving in many different directions. Many sites have been created to help people communicate, find out new things, write poems, even develop their businesses, and watch videos without restrictions.

YouTube is a popular and well-known platform. YouTube is one of the most visited platforms in the world. However, rather few people know the history logo YouTube, its development, changes, and modifications. Initially, this platform was created as a unique online dating site. However, at the same time, people should upload not photos, as usual, but videos. And thus, the company gained prominence, as people had the opportunity to tell a lot about themselves, about their hobbies and interests. It was the only platform that allowed people to get acquainted and advance.

Eventually, users started uploading different kinds of content to this site. For example, there were videos from entertainment, education, and even pieces of news.

Due to it, as the site developed, it became a major video resource. At the opening of the company, of course, a brand logo was created. The logo consisted of the words ‘You’ and ‘Tube.’ The tube is a concept related to the vacuum tubes used in older TV models, but nowadays, this reference is irrelevant and inappropriate.

Nowadays, YouTube is no longer just a place to share video content. Now it is also a platform for business development, popularizing one’s knowledge and skills, and creating one’s own name as a unique brand. That’s why more and more users start channels on YouTube and upload their own content.

For creating a YouTube profile, we need not only a demonstrative and striking title but also a unique and alluring, eye-catching logo. It will allow visitors to remember your channel and easily recognize it in the future, not just by its name but also by the image.

The logo for your YouTube channel can be anything you want: there are no constraints on colors or pictures on the sign. We can choose an abstract geometric element, image, or shape to our own taste. The main thing is the logo should match the theme and peculiarities of your channel.


As you see, logos authentically serve many functions. Perhaps it is ridiculous, but a logo can affect your success. When creating a logo, it should think long-term and pay more attention to the brand’s main values, ideas, and purposes. Ultimately the best logo design aims to be popular and relevant for many years to come.

So, YouTube’s corporate identity underwent a whole set of modifications to reach a universal, versatile, stylish logo. In addition, the company was looking for the perfect website design so that any channel would look striking and memorable against its backdrop. Both tasks were successfully completed. Now we see the product of the long, painstaking, and tedious work of the YouTube team every day on our smartphones, laptops, and computers. And the site’s logo is familiar to users all over the world.

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