Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished iPhone to Save Money?

Apple’s iPhones are unquestionably the best cell phones on the market today. While they share the same delicate screen as most smartphones, they are more robust and repairable. Due to the iPhone’s popularity and high price (particularly when new), it is not surprising that there is a flourishing market for refurbished iPhones.

When a new iPhone model is released, Apple's customers trade in their perfectly fine older models to get the latest model.

When Apple releases a new line of iPhones, most consumers upgrade to the newest model and discard their previous iPhones.

While you may still take the chance by buying directly from other individuals, acquiring a refurbished item with a warranty is less risky. This way, if anything does go wrong, you have the option of obtaining a replacement or a refund.

What is a Refurbished iPhone?

Because the term “refurbished” may refer to a broad range of situations, it is critical to identify the variables and understand exactly what you are buying. A refurbished iPhone is a device that the manufacturer or a reseller has tested and repaired/refurbished iPhone where necessary. It should be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It may, however, be missing the original packaging or accessories or may exhibit signs of cosmetic wear and tear.

Owners may return their previous iPhones due to a manufacturing fault or simply because they no longer wanted them. Others are used and then sold by the owners, maybe to facilitate funding a more recent model.

A grading system is often used to help buyers identify the difference. Specific word meanings may vary by manufacturer or seller, so be sure to carefully consider the listings. The following are a few widely accepted definitions:

Grade A – If the iPhone is in near-mint condition, it should appear to be brand new.

Grade B – Small cosmetic damage, such as mild scratches or minor chipping.

Grade C – Usage appearance, with obvious signs of wear.


The following are a few reasons to purchase refurbished iPhones:

Cost-effective: This is the primary argument for purchasing a secondhand phone. These phones are budget-friendly options to own an iPhone without paying top dollars for brand new devices. Additionally, you will not have to stress about frauds or a lack of quality since they are entirely certified.

Environmentally Friendly: Refurbished Iphones extends the life of the phone and its use – which reduces landfill and maximizes the use of resources that were necessary to build the phone in the first place It prevents the old device from being disposed of, which contributes to pollution. If you are a used phone consumer, you join the ranks of individuals who contribute to environmental preservation.

Wait for user reviews: Sometimes, you may purchase a new phone that does not match your requirements or meet your expectations. To prevent this, the best course of action is to get a reconditioned phone. Allow folks to experiment with the new model and take some time to understand phone reviews.

Buying the brand new model first risks investing a significant amount of money into a phone that has not been reviewed by users. Buying a refurbished phone eliminates that risk as you can research the reviews of the model online before making a decision. Waiting a little longer before buying also means a reconditioned version will be available for purchase at a discounted price (often within months).

Refurbished iPhones appear to be brand new. While these are not entirely new phones, the quality and performance are comparable to the new ones, and in some cases, they perform better than original versions. The reason for this is because these iPhones have brand-new hardware components after all faulty areas have been inspected and repaired. Additionally, all broken components are fixed or replaced with high-quality components to ensure that these iPhones perform as well as the new ones.

Additionally, refurbished/reconditioned iPhones have trustworthy software. All software-related issues are addressed by experienced iPhone engineers, who ensure that each area is identified, resulting in more dependable and widely-tested software and hardware.

When you purchase refurbished iPhones from authorized dealers/sellers, you get real value for your money. Apple Inc. maintains a strong relationship with its authorized dealers/sellers. As a result, they are a more secure and dependable choice than purchasing a used iPhone from an acquaintance or some random person online.


We recommend that before buying a refurbished iPhone, carefully verify that the price is much lower than the cost of a brand-new phone and that the item has been repaired to a high standard by authorized parties. Additionally, you should take into account the characteristics and capabilities of the iPhone. For example, a refurbished smartphone older than the new iPhone 12 will not connect to Wi-Fi 6 or 5G, putting the user at a considerable disadvantage. Similarly, devices like the refurbished iPhone 7 only support a 32-bit CPU and are thus deemed too outdated to be refurbished.

Besides that, the most crucial characteristic to look for in a refurbished smartphone is a warranty. Ensure that the seller guarantees the smartphone’s quality or, at the absolute least, that you will receive a refund if there are any defects. Whenever possible, get a refurbished phone that has an average of a 12-months warranty. It is critical to do a full review of your warranty to establish the extent of protection and liable for repairing and replacing the item if problems occur after the purchase. Additionally, ensure that you know who to call if the refurbished phone starts to malfunction. Finally, read the fine print to determine if the warranty covers theft, leakage, and other common occurrences.

Consider the situation in which you are required to return the iPhone for a replacement, refund, or exchange. You will very likely be forced to pay postage in these cases. We also strongly suggest you read all reviews and ratings for the refurbished phone’s seller. The reviews will focus on the seller’s interaction with their customers and respond to any product problems.

Apple-certified Refurbished Products

What better place to get a refurbished iPhone than straight from Apple? Each smartphone is rigorously tested and verified for functioning using Apple’s service providers, making it the perfect option for those who value quality above all else. They contain a replacement battery and a completely new outer case packed in a new white box. You get a 1-year warranty, and Apple support is top-notch. Additionally, you may find these officially refurbished gadgets in an Apple Store or some other Apple-certified reseller.

The downside of buying from Apple is that the discounts are often minimal. You might save as little as $50 in comparison to the cost of a new device.

Purchasing from a Large Shop

Walmart and Best Buy, for example, offer reconditioned iPhones in a variety of configurations. These suppliers often provide more substantial discounts than Apple. Their iPhones have been thoroughly examined and often come with a cable and charger. However, unlike Apple, they will not provide batteries or outer cover replacements, so expect scratches, dents, and other signs of use. Amazon Renewed is another appealing choice for online purchasing.

Although a 1-year warranty is included, a third party may extend it. Occasionally, you may be able to get a better price by collecting your iPhone from a nearby branch. This information may also be helpful if you ever need to return an item for whatever reason. First, check the warranty terms to confirm that you can return it to the retailer where you purchased it. For example, Best Buy uses CCR Warranty, but you can contact them regarding any issues.

Purchasing Online

Numerous internet businesses, including Gazelle, Decluttr, and Back Market, buy old iPhones from people, repair them, and then resell them. While you will often find lower prices here than the manufacturer or big retail outlets, all iPhones are sent directly from the manufacturer, and these suppliers lack physical locations.

They extensively test iPhones and give information on the device’s quality, but their contracts differ in detail. Decluttr, for example, offers a 1-year warranty, whereas Back Market offers a six-month guarantee. Gazelle provides a 1-month money-back guarantee and compensates for returning costs.

Carrier-refurbished Products

Although both phrases imply the same thing, carriers mostly use the term “certified pre-owned” when referring to their refurbished products. This is because they provide a complete evaluation and repair of pre-owned iPhones. Each one has a charger, but there may be signs of use.

Discounts are often negligible unless you use outdated equipment. Current customers, however, may be available for special discounts and incentives, and you would be able to pick them up and return gadgets in-store. Usually, warranties are limited to 2-3 months.

Purchasing from a Reputable Repair Company

Thousands of independent and authorized phone repair companies may be found across the country. The bulk of them survives solely on refurbished phone sales. If you want to support a small business, call a local phone repair shop and buy a refurbished iPhone or other Apple products. The best vendors will cover your new equipment with a comprehensive warranty and return policy.


It would be best if you now had a clear idea of the characteristics to look for when buying a refurbished iPhone based on this information. You will find a reliable product that fits your lifestyle and budget if you put in the effort and pay close attention.

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