Is Hyundai Still a High-Tech Motor Company?

In January 2021, unexpected news hit the press that Hyundai was discussing a car project with Apple. The negotiations were terminated without any clear result, but this does not mean that Hyundai will stop in its plans to become a high-tech company.

Hyundai car

In this article, we will talk about the latest developments of the car company Hyundai.

HI-DS is a new development by Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company together with Global Information Technology Co. Ltd. has developed a new-generation intelligent maintenance system, HI-DS (Human Intelligent Diagnostic System).

This system enables Hyundai Motor Company service station mechanics to identify car malfunctions quickly and accurately. The system is easy to use and requires no special skills.

The development of HI-DS was conducted for two years. It cost 4 billion Korean won.

HI-DS compares a real car with a reference model to detect malfunctions. The results of the comparative analysis are displayed on the screen and printed out. In this way, the mechanic and the customer quickly get objective data about the condition of the vehicle.

The HI-DS network app can be accessed via the Internet to obtain various technical materials and to keep in touch with service technicians.

Fault information is collected from all Hyundai Motor Company service stations and analyzed.

Intelligent Congestion Management Assistant

An intelligent Assistant constantly monitors the situation in front of the vehicle and adjusts its speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

This feature is available in all-new Hyundai models. You can rent a Hyundai in Dubai. Traffic in Dubai is heavy, and it can be very useful. So you protect yourself from unnecessary fines and damage to your rental car. Еven though rental rates are really low, you are also responsible for any fines or damage to the car during the rental.

Interactive voice recognition

New technology based on the latest advances in IT and AVN allows the driver to use all the functions of the SIRI service and cell phone by activating them with voice commands which will become not a bad driver habit.

Night Vision

An advanced feature that uses a front-mounted thermal imager can warn the driver in advance of the risk of a collision with a car or pedestrian while driving at night.

Highway Driving Assistant

Designed to support the driver assistance system and not get tired, the Intelligent Highway Driving Assistant helps maintain a safe distance and interval at all times when driving at speeds above 150 km/h.


The investment in Aptiv is a sign that Hyundai has abandoned its own strategy of developing autonomous driving systems. Hyundai shareholders fear that the company risks being left behind by competitors and are willing to open their wallets.

In general, the auto industry is forced to engage in this kind of innovation because of the acceleration of the global transition to electric cars and unmanned vehicles. Otherwise, classic automakers risk being left on the sidelines of technological progress and losing business as such. The old model of making and selling cars is becoming a thing of the past; the market is waiting for more. Technology giants are stepping on their heels with their plans to expand into electric cars and unmanned vehicles. Google is developing Waymo, an autonomous cab division. At the end of 2020, it was reported that Huawei was developing its own smart car. If companies like Hyundai manage to get ahead of these giants, they will turn into high-tech companies themselves.

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