Improving Your Website with Automation Tools for Support and Sales

Automation has become a big part of businesses. Today, it’s not only used for automating processes but also for customer support and sales, especially on websites.

website automation

As you may know, websites can operate 24/7, and only the big companies have the staff for such conditions. That is why if you are a business owner, it’s a must that you use automation tools like chip bot for your website.

If you’re still not convinced, below are things you can do if you use automation to improve your website.

Automating Customer Experience and Support

Many business owners, especially in the eCommerce niche, are looking for ways to stand out from other business websites. And customer experience is one way for you to gain more attention. Improving your customer interaction will ensure loyalty, so below are some ideas you can use automation for customer experience and support.

Track and reward your most loyal customers

For all businesses, retaining customers is essential. That is because you will have a higher probability of selling your products to existing customers than new ones. And one way for you to boost this is to give rewards for customer loyalty.

You can use automation to track the level of engagement your customers have done with your website and reward them to your specifications. For example, you can automatically give them a discount code if they have reached a certain amount of their purchase.

Sync customers to an email list 

Email marketing is still one of the best strategies in digital marketing. That is why most businesses will use a platform for their email marketing. 

The best way to add automation to this process is to sync a customer’s email with your (Customer Relationship Management) CRM system. So, when a customer creates an account on your website, their email can be seen automatically in your CRM. You can then organize the accounts you have gathered into a list and specify what target marketing you would apply.

Analyze Buying Behavior

Analyzing buying behavior of customers will help you tailor the customer experience. To do this, you will need to segment the list of your customers’ behavior. To put it simply, you will need to divide the characteristics of your customers like age, gender, geographical location, loyalty, etc.

You can automate this process with the use of intelligent workflow tools. All the information you require will be in your CRM or order management system. An automation tool will segment your customers without the help of your staff.

Automating Sales

If you have a sales team in your eCommerce system, having an automation tool will make their lives easier.

Repetitive Tasks

There can be a lot of repetitive tasks in sales which can be time-consuming. Automating these tasks will mean your team can focus more on finding leads and closing deals. For example, if your team finds a prospect, automation will instantly collect their log details, schedule a call and assign it to a sales agent.

Deal follow-ups

Your sales team will have to do a lot of work before they can close a deal. Sometimes a lead will have to be contacted multiple times before turning into a customer. Automation ensures that follow-ups can occur at the right time because interactions with prospects will dictate your sales team’s next move.

For example, if a lead gets cold, your team can mark that as lost and will schedule a follow-up email in the future. An automatic email will be sent when the time arrives.

Track calls with leads 

It’s essential to track the calls of the leads your team has made. When your team has made multiple calls to a lead, they have to know where they are in the conversation when they make their next call to avoid mistakes.

When your sales team has logged in the details of the call, automation can then provide the next agent with the information of the previous agent when they make another call.


Automation is an essential aspect for businesses today, especially for business websites. If you are a small business owner, automation ensures that things are still working even when people are not around. So, if you have a business website, you should improve it with automation to make your life easier.

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