HVAC Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching—meaning parties and festivities will be in full swing. If you’re planning to host a holiday bash, you better be ready not just for fun but for HVAC surprises as well.

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Check out these expert HVAC tips to avoid HVAC problems throughout the holidays.

If It’s Dirty, Replace It!

At this time of the year, you’ll be using your furnace more often. And as you spend more time inside your home with windows and doors closed, your air filters have to do more job than necessary. This is why it’s essential to keep the filters clean and fresh to ensure everyone’s breathable indoor air.

Dust Your Home

It doesn’t make sense to change your filters if you’re not treating the source of dirt and dust. Believe it or not, it’s your home and everything in it that causes the filters to get dirty and clogged. Yet, if you’re regularly dusting your home, there will be fewer dust particles and contaminants that will travel through the air ducts and HVAC equipment. Indeed, it will improve the quality of indoor air for your home.

Don’t let the dust make its way through your ductwork and vents! Prepare your home for the festivities by giving it some deep cleaning.

Program Your Thermostat

When your guests start arriving one after the other, we’re sure you won’t have time to think about your indoor temperature. But with a programmable thermostat, you can conveniently set your preferred temperature, and then forget it. You can choose your desired temperatures within the day up to four times.

As long as your thermostat is working efficiently, there’s nothing to worry about your comfort when the party starts to heat up.

Clear Your Outdoor Unit

Not only dust, but dirt, twigs, leaves, and debris can find their way into your outdoor unit. These elements can damage your system and compromise its performance. To avoid this scenario this festive season, you only have to make sure that all components of the unit are clean and free of any potential issues. This helps your heating and A/C in Longview, TX, to work efficiently as expected.

Check Your CO Detectors

While running, your furnace releases harmful gases like carbon monoxide, which is proven to be fatal. However, if your CO detectors are fully functional, you can avoid exposure to this deadly gas. Test your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones.

Improve Your Home Ventilation

During the winter months, ventilation may be a problem as there’s not enough air entering your home. With this, you’re likely to deal with moisture and IAQ problems these holidays.

Poor ventilation is terrible, but there are simple strategies to fix it, like spot and whole-home ventilation. Let a heating and A/C expert in Longview, TX, evaluate your home, and determine which one works best for your space.

Contact Your HVAC Technician for an Inspection

Before it gets too cold or the holidays’ busyness starts, we recommend scheduling heating and A/C inspection in Longview, TX, so you won’t have to face problems at the most inconvenient time.

Along with the inspection, your technician will also do some basic maintenance jobs on your system to address existing issues and give you peace of mind. An HVAC inspection won’t hurt, so please be sure to call your trusted heating and A/C company in Longview, TX, to do the job.

Don’t forget to give your HVAC equipment some care and attention this holiday season! Save yourself from discomfort by taking these tips in mind. For your HVAC concerns, feel free to contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing.


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