Hubble Space Telescope and its Launching Story

Space is unlimited and full of mysteries. So, still, scientists engage in calculating the accurate area of the universe. According to many, it is 23 trillion light-years in diameter, but this calculation is not valid. Though the area that we are seeing is much smaller than the area of the universe, scientists still haven’t given up exploring space and its mysteries.

Hubble Space Telescope

It is so vast that, according to some, the light won’t reach from one end to another within the age of the universe. However, scientists are still engaged in research to solve the mysteries of space. However, no scientific instruments have been manufactured to date to calculate the vastness of space and university accurately. 

The Hubble space telescope has enhanced the capacity of human visibility to 94 billion light-years. This artificial space object is working as an observatory in the sky. The Hubble space telescope is known as the first major optical telescope developed by NASA and launched three decades earlier. It orbits the earth and provides outstanding pictures of space that are considered the most important images to enhance human knowledge and insights into space.

Since the Hubble Space Telescope has been working for the last three decades, this is the time to replace the Webb Space Telescope, which is scheduled to launch shortly.

Dr. Steven Hawley is one of the members of the team that is responsible for launching the Hubble Space Telescope to low orbit and says in an interview to online casino Betway that “For more than three decades Hubble Space Telescope has been working in orbit. This was an outstanding piece of modern-day astronomy”.

Currently working as the director of engineering physics and a professor of astronomy and physics at Kansas University, Dr. Hawley talks about the outstanding Hubble Space Telescope and its behind-scenes story.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990, and the maintenance mission was launched in 1997.

Remembering the initial launch days of the Hubble Space Telescope, Dr. Hawley says that the launching was not a straightforward path to make history. “It was all about to place that into orbit at the right time,” he says. He further states that “the truth is when I was selected for NASA; it was obvious that I was not going to space anymore.”

He further says that “we all were in a position called “astronaut candidate.” In this position, you have to go through extensive two years of training, and if you are successful after the completion of training, the title of “candidate” would be removed from the title.” 

He was first assigned the project in 1983, which was almost five years after joining NASA.

Dr. Hawley says that “My job was all about to help them through the ascent and entry procedures which were not normal procedures at all in between the event we had a problem and this had allowed learning about how the space shuttles work, I enjoyed it.”

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