How to use a VPN to save money when shopping online

Every time someone speaks of the revolution brought about by the invention of the internet, we can’t help but praise the shopping arena that it has discovered. Not only do shopaholics benefit from it, but everyone across the globe – people who can or cannot afford to leave their house to purchase the objects of their everyday need. But sometimes it happens that they cannot find the object of their requirement for several reasons, i.e. either the online store is international and does not exist in your country, or the retailers charge you extra based on your location. The prices are indefinite for different countries, and it is unfair to pay extra based on your locality. To save ourselves from this trouble, here are some easy ways to get ourselves out of them. The most effective is to use free VPNs to get ourselves out from the threat of privacy breaching or locality identification that could hinder reasonable shopping.

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Here is a list of free VPNs that you can use while shopping online. There will be some restrictions on the services, but it does not change the fact that they are workable to quite an extent.

Use TunnelBear for minimum restrictions

VPN hides your IP and lets you decide whichever country you want to web-search from. This way, you can land on the right websites from the right location to get the results you want. TunnelBear is one of the oldest VPNs that allow safe surfing through the internet completely for free. You will also be offered a paid version with more features, but that completely depends on your requirement. The free version has more restrictions like you cannot exceed the data capacity, which is 500MB of traffic per month. This may well manage your shopping needs as far as they are concerned. TunnelBear has also just recently updated its new version by making modifications to its privacy policy. This modification collects a comparatively lesser amount of data from its users.

Use ProtonVPN for unlimited bandwidth

The second on the list is ProtonVPN that is even better than TunnelBear, except that it has some other limitations for its free version. For example, with the free version of ProtonVPN, you are limited to only one device; you are also limited to location, i.e. you only access it from three different locations; you will be given limited speed compared to the other paid versions. But nothing to worry about when you have a VPN that offers unlimited data usage. With that being said, ProtonVPN can be accessed from the same device at three different locations with unlimited bandwidth usage anytime. There is just one more trouble: you won’t have P2P support, but it makes up for it owing to its non-logging policy, for which you need to subscribe via your email address. You will not be interrupted by ads as well. In short, it is a perfect choice for regular shopping needs as long as it hides your location.

Use Windscribe for free 50GB per month

Here is another option for you. You may have never heard of it before. Still, this VPN provider has been working really well to provide a protection policy, 10GB free bandwidth every month, and eight different locations to get oneself connected. Some of the most important features of this VPN are its ability to hide your connection logs, the sites you go through, or the IP traces. All it does is save your user ID, connected VPN server while keeping track of the data used. This may spark doubt in you, but to keep it easy on your part, here is one interesting fact about it: it removes every information fed to it in the span of 3 minutes. With this being told, we hope we have removed the smidgen of doubt left.

Use Speedify for better Internet

For the best performance of the internet, you should consider Speedify, for it does not encrypt your data. In fact, it enhances the speed of your internet and works well with good working internet. Better yet, this VPN does even better on mobile data or any other internet connection. It has a turbo-changing technology that makes it work at the speed of a bullet through the air. In case you are looking for high-speed internet or mobile phone service at an affordable price, do contact AT&T customer service for details on the packages and promotions available.

Once you subscribe to Speedify, you will be offered a free subscription to access all the paid servers and 4GB of data on top of that for one month. For the next months, there is a restriction of 1GB limit, which may work well to fulfil your shopping needs. Once you become a user of this VPN, you will see how difficult it would be to use any other VPN solely for the smooth experience that it brings to your door.

Use PrivateTunnel if you use Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android

Often you use operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS that may hinder your research through VPN because your VPN does not support it. This is when PrivateTunnel saves you by offering you a place that works well with almost every operating system. It does have a data restriction of 200 MB with no time restriction at all. After the expiration of 200 MBs, you can use a plan that you deem fitting well with your online shopping needs. Get the best deals with NordVPN coupon ! Learn how to save money while shopping online with the help of a VPN. Don’t miss out on exclusive discounts with The Hindu Coupons!

In short, you can make use of any of these VPNs that greatly benefit you when you plan to shop online, sitting in your room. All of these stated VPNs have their restrictions and limitations, but they are good enough to let you shop online without having to spend a penny on the paid versions.

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