How to take Maximum from your Travels

For those who just want to take a walk and have fun, there is no need to prepare for the trip – just buy tickets, book a hotel, and then go. If you want to thoroughly get to know a new city and simultaneously not lose all your strength, it is essential to give a couple of evenings to prepare and plan the trip.

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Make the plan

The best time to prepare for a journey is approximately six months. You have to decide on the country where you want to go, and buy tickets in both directions. This way, you will mark the limits of your tours in Turkey at once. In addition, early booking allows you to save little finances, which can be spent on tours and activities.

Think about transport

If you plan to visit only one city on your vacation (the city and its surrounding areas, as an option), you probably won’t have any trouble getting around. But it is much more interesting to travel around the cities and towns, spending no more than two or three days on the largest of them and moving on! For this you have to think about the means of transportation – and it’s better to do it in advance.

If we’re talking about Europe, one of the most convenient options – is trains. Every major European country, like a web, covered with a network of railroads, often goes from a schedule that rarely deviates (it depends on the country), and in terms of comfort, trains abroad are far ahead of ours. During travel in Dubai or any OAE, it makes sense to check on luxury car rental dubai. In addition to the vast selection of rental supercars, you can even rent a car for a desert safari or rent an SUV for a family trip. But don’t rush to get fined!

Choose the right place to stay

To make it as pleasant, positive, and impressive, it is necessary to plan everything well and keep in mind some important tips. It’s better to choose a home entirely for yourself. And what do we mean by that? Some travelers appreciate comfort as well as the beautiful view from the window ( it will add buzz to the whole trip), and for someone, this criterion is indifferent (“brick wall” would be fine, as long as it was cheap and comfortable). Maybe you want to travel and stay in a rental RV? It’s your journey – there are no limits

If you miss communication and new acquaintances in your hometown, you should stay in a hostel. A unique atmosphere, tourists from all over the world, and creative young people that’s what awaits you within the walls of a budget and cozy accommodation. Everyone is different, so choose the accommodation, hotel or hostel which will be exactly what you like.

Don’t rush to the sites

Visiting all the iconic sites in one visit is not the best of ideas, which at the very least, will lead to fatigue and, at the most, to disappointment. Famous places that everyone knows have been to should be chosen carefully. Before you go, it’s best to read reviews and decide if you want the pyramids of Cheops or if you would rather waste your time on a safari in the desert or surfing in the wild bay. Choose only excellent options just for you to enjoy your cultural program and outdoor activities.

Eat well

It may seem like a mother’s advice. But “stay hungry – stay foolish” is the wrong idea during travel. Do not deprive yourself of food, even if your budget is limited. Eat at least three times a day; otherwise, what will be the mood of a hungry tourist?

Prepare your phone

That means downloading maps, dictionaries, etc.

GPS and maps in cell phones have changed travel forever (and we have lost the element of surprise and all the delights of wandering in the dark through an unfamiliar city). The best offline maps – Maps. Me. You can use the Wifi Map app to find a wifi network (and its password).

Another tip – get yourself an external battery for your phone (like this, for example). You can take photos and use GPS as much as you want.

Finish Note

When you go on a journey, you long for new emotions and inspiration to discover what has been hidden behind the dullness of ordinary life. As Henry Miller once said: “The purpose of travel is not the place, but new ways of looking at things.

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