The B2B website design case study is based upon the design of Custom neon signs. As well as, the feature of custom neon signs make customization of neon sign very easy, and your customer easily customizes their neon sign according to their requirements.

abstract neon sign

On the other hand, Sruthi Krishna is a global manufacturer of neon signs and LED neon lights. According to him, the website got a higher ranking in google search with the help of a custom neon sign.

Moreover, according to  Sruthi Krishna, the sales of every eCommerce website depend upon traffic to the website. He says in the mid of 2021, we will redesign our website.

According to him, in website design, we not only prefer SEO and new ways of design, but we also keep our focus on B2B website design. He also said that if you want to rank your website, you must focus on SEO and website design.

In this article, we’ll explain HOW CUSTOM NEON DRAMATICALLY Updated its B2B Website Design. So, you must read this article with full focus and interest, and we assure you this helps a lot in your website ranking. For custom neon signs, visit

          Without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. How does B2B website design improve google search ranking?

According to Krishna, their websites are de rank for about 10 days, and when they redesign and update their websites again, they see their website ranking improve.

Krishna also said their websites improve with the help of custom neon signs. Furthermore, he says their websites appeared in the top three searches in the google search bar, and this is due to the B2b website design.

2. How have sales increased with the help of B2B website design?

With the help of B2B website design and custom neon signs, your sales increased daily. The reason is, your website appears in the top searches of Google, and this help to increase sale.

Moreover, according to Krishna, the global manufacturer we discuss above, they also see an improvement in their sales.

 According to him, in Nov/Dec, their sales increased 32.2% compared to the previous month. So this improves how B2B website design improves sales.

3. How does B2B website design play a role in conversion?

Like sales and ranking, B2B website design also plays a very important role in conversion. In this article, we discuss the above global manufacturer Krishna and how this method helps him maintain his website.

So, according to him, with the help of custom neon signs in Nov/Dec conversion rate increased up to 29% as compared to the previous two months.

Also, it increased up to 30.1% as compared to Nov/Dec of the previous year. That’s why we prefer you to use a B2B website design.

Final Verdict about How Custom Neon Dramatically Updated B2B Website Design

This article deeply explains how custom neon signs dramatically updated B2B website design. No doubt, the neon sign also plays a major role in marketing other businesses. That’s why these businesses easily attract their customers.

However, in website design, custom neon signs help a lot in the ranking of websites.

Due to custom neon sign sales, ranking, and conversion rate are automatically updated, and then google also helps your website ranking.

So, if you want your website in the top searches of Google, then you must use a custom neon sign.

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